#nofilter is a collaboration between the festival and three Brussels youth organisations. Together, they attend the performances, camera in hand, and make video clips that they share at a party they themselves host. This year, the project will be exported! Following the festival, the youngsters will travel to Switzerland to repeat the experience at Festival Belluard Bollwerk.

Coordination: Oualid Akrouh, Chiraz Graja, Nouha Mhamdi | Video: Badredine Oulad Haj Amar, El Ayadi Mourad | Subtitles: Achiel Vanden Abeele | In collaboration with: Chicago & VMJ-AJM youth centers (D’Broej), TransfoCollect, REPER, l’Ecole de Culture Générale Fribourg (ECGF) | Supported by: Fondation Bernheim, Movetia | Thanks to: GC De Kriekelaar

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