26 — 28.05.2022


Rayyane Tabet Beirut-San Francisco

The Return

performance — premiere

Les Brigittines

Following the history of a looted bull's head, we travel across fifty years of troubled relationship between antiquities and national identity of Lebanon.

26 — 28.05.2022

Back to Back Theatre Geelong

The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes



Three activists with intellectual disabilities organize a public meeting addressing the following question: ‘How do we come together to make decisions in the best interests of our society?’

25 — 28.05.2022

Alice Ripoll / Cia REC Rio de Janeiro




Buckets, water, soap and lather create a dreamlike image to explore the action of cleaning as a performative and political gesture.

25 — 28.05.2022

El Conde de Torrefiel Barcelona

Una imagen interior

theatre — premiere

Théâtre National

A play about our daily relationship with fiction. A journey to the centre of our imagination; a journey in the present to train our imagination for the future.

25 — 28.05.2022

Lia Rodrigues Rio de Janeiro



Cultuurcentrum De Factorij

A collective dynamic which brings individuals closer together in a mesmerizing choreography for 11 dancers and countless fabrics.

23 — 26.05.2022

Akira Takayama Tokyo


performance — premiere


In sharing poetry and lyrics on their working conditions, meal delivery workers infiltrate the city and affirm a new kind of connection between delivery person and customer.

22 — 26.05.2022

Nadia Beugré Abidjan-Montpellier

L’Homme rare


La Balsamine

A choreography by male dancers which is executed solely using their backs. The movements seen as being more feminine, challenge a strongly built and assimilated masculinity.

21 — 24.05.2022

Noé Soulier, Thea Djordjadze, Karl Naegelen Angers-Berlin

First Memory

dance / visual arts / music — premiere

La Raffinerie

A journey into the uniqueness and elusiveness of everyday movements, a woven choreography composed of human and non-human gestures, of movements and moments of suspension.

20 — 22.05.2022

Rossella Biscotti Molfetta / Rotterdam/Brussels

The Journey

sonic performance — premiere


A sound performance that plunges us into the international waters of the Mediterranean, and a series of presences – live and remotely – redesigning the boundaries between what is normally visible and invisible.

20 — 23.05.2022

Parnia Shams Tehran

است (Is)



A theater play about Mahoor, a 16-year-old girl who just moved to Tehran in the middle of the semester, and who forms a deep and intimate friendship with the best student of the class.

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