Last updated: 11/08/2020

In order to guarantee everyone has a safe and pleasant visit during the pandemic, we have taken a certain number of safety measures that we ask you to bear in mind and observe.

Every Inside Has an Outside (04 — 08.09.2020)  

From 4 to 8 September, the Kunstenfestivaldesarts will be holding Every Inside Has an Outside, a five-day event in Schaerbeek that aims to reflect on the times we are living in through nine artistic projects and a programme of encounters.

The programme for Every Inside Has an Outside comprises:

  • outdoor activities in the grounds of the Maison des Arts (Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Radouan Mriziga, Begüm Erciyas, Tuan Andrew Nguyen and a series of encounters/debates) and in the public space (Guy Wouété, Gwendoline Robin)
  • indoor performances with an audience seated in “bubbles” and a reduced capacity (Jisun Kim, Phia Ménard, Trajal Harrell)
  • an indoor performance/installation for the audience to walk through (Wang Bing).


  • If you are ill, have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who is ill, we ask you to stay at home.
  • Keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres at all times with people outside your 'bubble'.
  • Always wear a mask during your presence at the Maison des Arts site and in the Halls of Schaerbeek.
  • Avoid physical contact
  • Wash your hands regularly with the disinfectant handle provided. 

Questions about safety in connection with Covid-19  

Do I have to wear a mouth mask? Yes. Wearing a mouth mask is compulsory everywhere and at all times (both outside and inside). We expect you to wear a mouth mask. Kunstenfestivaldesarts does not provide mouth masks.  

Is it possible to disinfect the hands? Yes. At the entrance of the site you are obliged to disinfect your hands. Afterwards, we provide several points where you can disinfect your hands with a hand sanitizer ; at the entrance of the hall building, just before entering the hall, at the exit and at the toilets (here you have the possibility to wash your hands and/or disinfect them with a hand sanitizer).  

What is the audience capacity of the performances? The audience capacity depends on each project. We undertake to respect the maximum audience capacity imposed by the government, both for indoor and outdoor events.  

What is the audience flow like? Kunstenfestivaldesarts has drawn up an adapted circulation plan in which social distancing is easy to apply and where audience flows do not intersect. We ensure that the signage is clear and visible. We ensure that there are enough staff present to guide the public.  

When can I enter the room? The doors of the auditorium open 30 minutes before the performance. We ask you to enter the hall together with the people from your bubble. If someone from your 'bubble' arrives later than you, we ask you to wait at a distance and stand in line together.  

How is social distancing kept? Queues and chairs are left open in the rooms to ensure 1.5m distance between the bubbles. The room will be filled row by row, so the spectators will not cross each other. Our hosts will make sure that you are well accompanied.

How many people can we sit next to each other? For each reserved bubble (maximum 5 people), you can enter the room and sit in the queue where the host will accompany you. If you come alone, no problem, you will be seated on a chair where on both sides there is 1.5 metres distance to the other visitors' bubbles.  

Will the rooms/chairs be disinfected? Yes, they will be. The various rooms will be cleaned before each performance. The same goes for the stage. Corridors are cleaned daily with a professional cleaning machine. We will also disinfect the chairs after each performance with an alcohol solution of at least 70%, as well as doors, handles and around the handles.  

Is there a supply of fresh air in the halls? We provide permanent ventilation with 100% fresh air during performances in all the halls of Les Halles de Schaerbeek.  

How is safety on stage guaranteed? On stage, the rules are strictly followed. Safety, hygiene and distance are taken care of. The artists create their own bubble for the duration of rehearsals and performances, subject to strict restrictions in their private lives and during preparation. The rest of the crew (production, technique, audience supervision, etc.) always remain at a distance, both from each other and from the audience and the artists.  

Can I leave the auditorium during the performance? No, you can't. Once you are seated, we ask you to remain seated until the end of the performance.  

How do I leave the theatre after the performance? At the end of the performance, follow our team's instructions and signs to the exit. Exiting the auditorium, row by row, will take longer than normal. We thank you in advance for your patience! Attention: when you leave the auditorium, you cannot go back inside, so you have to go outside via the exit.  

Do you have a ticket for another, later performance on the same day? Go back to the entrance at the Maison des Arts. This is important because it respects the one-way traffic of the circulation plan.  

Is there a cloakroom? What about folding bikes? We don't provide a cloakroom to avoid too many people gathering there. However, we do provide a storage area for folding bikes at the information point on the Maison des Arts site. Leaving the folding bikes behind is on your own responsibility.  

Questions about Tickets  

Are the tickets only for sale online or also at the box office? Tickets can only be reserved through Kunstenfestivaldesarts, online and by telephone. There is no physical box office.  

What if I cannot come to the performance? Given the very limited capacity we ask you to inform us as soon as possible. If you inform us no later than 12 noon on the day of the performance, you can request a refund of your tickets.  

What if I buy tickets and the performance is cancelled? You can buy your tickets without any risk. In the event of cancellation, you choose either a refund or a contribution to the artists affected by Kunstenfestivaldesarts.  

Can I buy numbered tickets? No, you can only buy unnumbered tickets, both for the programme outside and in the halls.  

Can tickets still be bought on the evening itself? There is no box office. Tickets can only be purchased by telephone (see Tickets) and online (up to 30 min before the performance).  

Are there waiting lists if a performance is sold out? Contrary to our usual practice, there will be no waiting lists. All cancelled tickets will be offered for sale again, so don't hesitate to consult the website from time to time. Online ticket sales close 30 minutes before the performance.  

Are latecomers admitted? No, latecomers are not admitted.  

What will the festival do with my contact details? Your contact details will be requested when you place your order. We will only use them to send you instructions or important information regarding the performance, as well as to enable 'contact tracing' in case of contamination.  

Practical information  

I have reserved a ticket for a performance/talk of the festival. Where should I go? Access to all festival activities (with tickets) is via la Maison des Arts (Haachtsesteenweg 147 chaussée de Haecht in Schaerbeek).  

At what time do the doors open? You are welcome on the site of la Maison des Arts from one hour before the performance. The doors of the auditorium open 30 minutes before the performance, so be on time. Reception of the audience with the new security measures will be slower.  

Is it possible to have a drink ? On the course of la Maison des Arts, it is possible to have a drink on the terrace from 1 hour before the performance, taking into account the following measures and information:  

  • we can accommodate a maximum of 70 people
  • one table = one bubble = maximum 5 persons
  • limited map
  • service at the table by staff wearing masks
  • we ask you to pay as much cashless as possible
  • is consumed in a seated position only

How does access control take place? Initial access control is provided when entering the La Maison des Arts site: only people with a ticket for a show may enter the site. Afterwards, from 30 minutes before the performance, before entering the venue, your ticket will be scanned.  

Are toilets provided? Yes, there are. Toilets are available in the courtyard of the Maison des Arts. They are cleaned regularly. Don't hesitate to use them for the show.  


Do buses and trams run as planned? Be sure to check STIB/MIVB's timetable before your departure.  

Villo station : 144 - Sainte-Marie/Sinte-Maria, 1030 Schaerbeek  

Additional information You can find all information about the protocol at 

The corona contact point for Kunstenfestivaldesarts is Britt Roger Sas:

The Diasporic Schools (01 — 31.10.2020)

All the activities in The Diasporic School will take place online and therefore do not require any particular safety measures.  

News From Home (26—29.11.2020)  

For performances scheduled during News From Home, we will send you the safety measures for the partner venues.

These measures have been put in place on the basis of the and websites and with the invaluable assistance of our colleagues at oKo (overleg kunstenorganisaties) and Theaterfestival.