Crush Time

9 > 30 May
15:00 > 18:00

Five pictures of the world, fifteen centimetres of water, funeral staffs, a bronze hand crushing an alarm clock and, in the middle of all this, Winnie the Pooh nodding his head. These are some of the elements of Crush Time, an installation by Ritsaert ten Cate. The multi-disciplined Dutch artist chose this space to concentrate and suspend confused reflections, contradicting days gone by. "Where have we been going since yesterday?", he wonders. For the visitor who is prepared to take time to investigate the place where this question is asked, Crush Time offers a journey through today's world, a world suspended between disarray and derision, humour and beauty, between a taste of the infinite and hope of wisdom? "Wisdom is the appropriate use of time" is the message you read as you enter.

Concept: Ritsaert ten Cate
Coproduction: kunstenFESTIVALdesArts

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