Cab Legs

22, 23, 24, 25 May ­20:30

ERS, Elevator Repair Service, was formed in 1991 by former students of New York and Yale Universities, together with members of an off-Off Broadway group. We're talking theatre that lifts you up. The performers, designers, writers and directors of ERS are set to repair the winches on the seventh row of flats, hauling themselves up to the paradise of the absurd to mess with the mystery, the intuition and the absurdity of our contemporary human condition.

Close in spirit to the Wooster Group (John Collins, one of the Group's leading lights, is the sound engineer for Wooster), the New York collective tinkers with its theatrical lifts to remove the concrete of traditional illusions. Open to whichever wind is blowing in its direction, ERS doesn't try to hide the fact that it is putting on make-believe, or to resist unforeseen coincidences. Cab Legs begins with a love story and ends with a journey into Absurdia.

A project by: Elevator Repair Service
Direction: John Collins & Steve Bodow
Production: Elevator Repair Service (New York)
In collaboration with: PS 122 (New York)
Supported by: Arts International (New York), Desire Productions (Gent)
Copresenter: Théâtre 140

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