Bring your whole family to the festival! On Saturday 05.09 an activity for children is being organised in the framework of the festival in collaboration with la Maison des Arts! This activity is for free and bilingual (FR/NL), with subscription.

Interactive visit to the exhibition Tomber en Amour, followed by a creative workshop

Maison des Arts Schaarbeek
Age of participants: 6 — 12 year old

Bilingual NL / FR

16:00 — 18:00 during Letters from Attica

On Saturday 05.09 the Kunstenfestiavldesarts and la Maison des Arts organise an interactive guided tour in the exhibition Tomber en Amour, followed by a creative workshop. The children are invited to discover the works in the exhibition and will create their own booklets during the workshop, while their parents are watching the performance. Free participation, if you booked a ticket for the show.

The exhibition

La Maison des Arts exposes the works from the private collection of Christophe Veys. This collector collects contemporary art since 20 years. Each work in his collection has left a deep impression on him or shaked him up. He’s honored to share his passion with the audience in an exhibition with the recurrent theme of love and all the variations of love. The young participants will discover the collection during this joyful and interactive visit by means of anecdotes, observationgames, issues and conversations.

Workshop Paper mon amour, a notebook full of lovewords.

Did you count the amount of different kinds of paper that were used by the artists in the exhibition? Where did they found all this paper?

An old coffin in la Maison des Arts contains hundreds of pages of paper. Notebookpaper, that has already been printed, pages from books, postcards, drawing paper, maps, … each paper has his own history and function.

By shifting all this delightful paper, we will be making a small notebook out of paper. On each page, we will write words, words of love or words of friendship… During this activity the participants will be invited to participate in a conversation about loving and they will learn how to bookbind their own small booklet with different varieties of paper. Every person can take his.her creation home.

More information & bookings
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Please make sure to mention the age of the child you wish to register.