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For questions and proposals related to programmation: (programming assistant).

Press / Schools

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts is also an event for journalists and schools. Contact us for more information.


Become a Friend of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts and you can contribute to the production of a new and daring project. For more info, click here or contact Sophie Van Stratum: call on 0485 787 376, or send her an e-mail.


Sophie Alexandre


Daniel Blanga Gubbay

Artistic direction

Dries Douibi

Artistic direction

Ines Fransen

Programming assistant

+32 (0)2 219 07 07

Nihad El Kachari


+32 (0)2 226 45 77

Claire Bonet


+32 (0)2 226 45 85

Eve Craeye

Production assistant

+32 (0)2 226 45 75

Karl Kana

Production assistant

+32 (0)2 226 45 80

Raphaël Noël

Technical direction

+32 (0)2 226 45 76

Britt Roger Sas

Technical assistant

+32 (0)2 226 45 81

Koen De Saeger

Technical assistant

+32 (0)2 226 45 90

Sophie Van Stratum

Coordinator Friends

+32 (0)4 85 78 73 76

Johanne de Bie

Press, PR & communication

+32 (0)2 226 45 79

Ebru Utku

Communication assistant

+32 (0)2 226 45 87

Annick M'Kele


+32 (0)2 226 45 86

Arnaud Lorne


Gaëlle Zguimi

Audience development

+32 (0)2 226 45 73

Eric Cyuzuzo

Audience development assistent

Mercedes Cubas


Board of directors

Presidents Bie Vancraeynest, Laurence Rassel

Members Paul Aron, Kristiaan Borret, Geert Cochez, Diane Hennebert, Rachida Lamrabet, Hana Miletić, Peggy Pierrot, Geert Potargent, Anick Van Calster

Festival team autumn 2020

Audience development Annabel Debaenst

Production Britt Roger Sas, Ornella Quashie

Communication Laurent Lallemand, Arnaud Lorne, Gaëlle Zguimi

Technical team Raphaël Noël, Britt Roger Sas, Azdine Ameziane, Rudi Bovy, Leopold De Neve, Samuel Dronet, Emma Laroche, Baptiste Leclere, Angela Massoni, Joelle Reyns, Gaspar Schelck, Pierre Willems, Célestin Boermans, Patrick Oreel, Glieb Panteleeff, Jeremy Michel, Koen De Saeger, Julien Vernay, and all technicians who joined us in the meantime

Friends Coordination Sophie Van Stratum

Box office Ines Fransen, Pieter Martens

Photography Bea Borgers

Videos Jose Huedo

Translations Charlotte De Somviele, Annick M'Kele, Claire Tarring, Michael Meert, Diane Van Hauwaert

And all our volunteers without whom the festival would not be be possible

External collaborators automn 2020

Accounting Sandra Huyberechts, Daniel Olmo

Subtitles Babel Subtitling, Marie Trincaretto

Web development Statik

Ticketing Ticketmatic

It Godfried Verheyen

Stage assistance Régie Mobile pour la Culture, art2work

Workshop Recyclart FABRIK