TRACK is a bilingual trajectory for young people (between 16 and 22 years) before and during Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

TRACK invites a group of young people (student reporters and artists or quite simply curious youngsters) to immerse themselves in the world of the festival and express their views on what they've experienced as members of the audience and guests behind the scenes. The young people are accompanied by a group of coaches in order to identify and master their preferred form of expression: interview, chronicle, poetry, drawing etc. All the contributions will be published in a collective webzine that the TRACKers will share with the audience at a presentation mid-way through the festival.

TRACK stands for Trajectory for Reporters, Artists and Curious youngsters at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

2019 TRACKer's: Abigail Abubakar, Adeola Hawna, Audrey De Temmerman, Brigitta Skarpalezos, Elisabeth Röben , Emma Ladeuze, Hind De Decker, Liam Rees, Lisa Kaison, Lucie Yerlès, Lula Kodjabachian, Nelly Manet, Nour Verkindere, Zoé Hagen
Coaches: Lorent Corbeel, Leslie Doumerc, Daan Simons, Ali Talbi, Benjamin Thomas

Initiated by: De Veerman, Kunstenfestivaldesarts
In collaboration with: (Indications asbl)
Supported by: Evens Foundation
Thanks to: AMO Samarcande, Ecole Active, Erasmushogeschool Brussel, GO! atheneum Anderlecht (Audio-visual education), Ihecs (Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications sociales), Jes Brussels, Lycée Emile Max (Arts d’expression), Préparts, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Agrégation Information-Communication)

Public release of the webzine 
Sun 19/05 — 18:00  
Festival Centre