Underground Sources of Light

    14/05  | 13:30 - 17:00


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On the first three Saturdays the festival is holding open moments of reflection where the topic of the cave resonates. The cave reminds us that every form of protection marks a line between an inside and an outside, between what is protected and what it is protected from; it invites us to rethink the modern division between light and darkness; it questions the production of traces and the sedimentation of excess. Artists and theoreticians will be giving lectures and workshops, generally intervening in different formats to construct a hypothetical, narrative journey through the representation of the cave: why we go inside (protection), what we seek inside (underground sources of light), and what we leave behind (traces of excess).

With a fragment of Marilyn by Pier Paolo Pasolini; a talk by Bojana Kunst on The underground troubles, Some thoughts on invisibility in the practice of art; a conversation with Edit Kaldor, three working groups for a Lexicon of the Darkness; a short movie of Effi & Amir, and two underground artist readings by Pieter De Buysser and Richard Maxwell in the underground of Brussels.

Partners Institute of Applied Theatre Studies (Gießen), ISAC / Académie royale des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Bruxelles (ArBA-EsA)
Thanks to Théâtre La Samaritaine, La Porte Noire

Viewing copies of The Time We Share will be on display at the bookshop.

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In 1975 Pier Paolo Pasolini devoted an article to the fireflies, the dim night-lights disappearing against the dazzling light of modernity. Forty years later, we are more and more exposed at the light of an extreme visibility. In a society in which transparency has been assumed as core value, it seems as if everything has to be brought upon the surface. Yet in front of the image of the cave we might imagine that in today's landscape of transparency, resistance is probably not simply to be sought in its darkness. Maybe we can think beyond these two categories, and enter the cave not to take shelter in the dark, but rather on the contrary: to find in it different underground sources of light.

During this second day of reflection the artistic creation retakes the role of Orpheus to which it is often associated: we descend again into the underworld, and yet neither to bring something into the lights nor to seek the darkness, rather to discover that fireflies have eventually survived.

Marilyn, an extract from Pier Paolo Pasolini's La Rabbia (film) + Introduction on the afternoon

Bojana Kunst, The Underground Troubles, Some Thoughts on Invisibility in the Practice of Art (lecture)

A conversation with Edit Kaldor (interview)

Lexicon of the Darkness. Re-imagining together the definitions of three terms: Underground, Blackout and No-Man's Land (Terra Nullius). Three groups led by the students of the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies (Gießen)


Effi and Amir's Mnemonic Gymnastics (film)

Two parallel walks underground. Pieter De Buysser reading The Cartographers' Feast, Richard Maxwell reading a fragment of The Evening (Part 2)

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