The Guided Tour – Once We Shared Consequent Masturbation

    09/05  | 19:00
    12/05  | 19:00
    13/05  | 19:00
    26/05  | 19:00
    27/05  | 20:00

€ 14 / € 10
1h 20min

Standing performance (no seats)
Combi-ticket The Absent Museum + performance € 20

A video maker, performer, poet and musician in one, Nástio Mosquito is an artist who moves freely between disciplines. Placing himself on stage to subvert the notion of cultural, social and political identity, he creates performances that see him play with roles and attitudes, moving between host, storyteller, preacher and political orator. At this festival, he is Abdul RodeLaisse, a guide taking refugees, homeless people and other forgotten citizens through the exhibition of The Absent Museum. In the world of contemporary art, the curatorial discourse plays an increasingly dominant role. Questioning the authority of language – about art, but not exclusively so – Mosquito take us on an alternative tour, offering a parallel account where aesthetic analysis blends with fiction and political commentary.

A Nástio Mosquito Recipe

In the framework of
The Absent Museum

Written & developed by
Nástio Mosquito & Bedwyr Williams

Performed by
Nástio Mosquito & Guy Dermul

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, WIELS


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“… What do we care about? So demanding it is nowadays to simply care about what you indeed care about… Intelligence, relevance, capacity, and recognition are so much dependent on the things, principles, and causes that we declare to care about. I do not give a fuck about gorillas. I do not give a fuck about old, useless human beings. I do not care at all for the concept of equality. Now, art??!!!!…” As proclaimed by Abdul RodeLaisseat some point in time.

Nástio Mosquito, born on Earth and based on one of its continents, takes on a new character: museum/gallery guide Abdul RodeLaisse, who organises clandestine tours for local refugees, the homeless, and other forgotten citizens. It’s a convulsion of love, indignation, hope, despair, and the fight to get the path of faith, commitment, focus, and trust under control. Failure is celebrated in this performance, with scientific discipline.

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