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    05/09  | 17:00
    06/09  | 17:00
    07/09  | 17:00
    08/09  | 17:00

Within the current climate of uprisings for social justice, as well as the sociodemographic inequities and ecological dangers that have been highlighted even more by the pandemic, our short festival has called for a socio-politically grounded public programme to reflect on the present. The discursive moments of Every Inside Has an Outside aim to go further than traditional artist talks. Therefore, over five afternoons, accompanied by a series of invited speakers and guests, we will delve into globally relevant and locally contextualised topics using different discursive formats: theoretical lectures, geopolitical discussions and talks that will reflect on the socio-political engagement of some of the pieces featured in our artistic programme. A running theme will be ecology, as explored in the new collaborative work by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Radouan Mriziga premiering at the festival, in Tuan Andrew Nguyen’s short film My Ailing Beliefs Can Cure Your Wretched Desires, and in the research of philosopher Emanuele Coccia. A discussion rooted in Wang Bing’s installation Scenes: Glimpses From a Lockdown will cover inter-community relations across continents and neocolonial dynamics. A moment of self-introspection on the new coalitions within the local institutionalised cultural sector will allow Every Inside Has an Outside to reflect too on the learning points from our past and present, pointing the way towards new paradigms for the future.

Ola Hassanain, Space as a Discourse

04.09, 17:00
With: Ola Hassanain
Moderator: Menna Agha

Born in Khartoum and living in Utrecht, Ola Hassanain’s work explores women's experiences of gender and public space in Sudan's capital, Khartoum. In recent years she developed the idea of “space as discourse,” and how the notion of space encompasses political and environmental questions. At the occasion of Every Inside Has An Outside she delivers an opening  lecture reflecting on how outside is a concept that does not have a permanent space, being instead only defined by political events and moments, such as the pandemic. To do so she delves into the concepts of possession and property as exclusionary frameworks, and into the politics of state terror, where the idea of order is linked to the establishment of an outside. The lecture is followed by a conversation with architect and researcher in social studies Menna Agha and with the audience.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Radouan Mriziga

05.09, 17:00
With: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Radouan Mriziga
Moderator: Guy Gypens
See also: 3ird5 @ w9rk

At the occasion of the premiere of their new creation for the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, artists Anne Teresa De Keermsaeker and Radouan Mriziga share a conversation about the practices of choreography, geometry, ecology and the research that led them to the creation of 3ird5 @ w9rk.

Wang Bing

06.09, 17:00
With: Wang Bing
Moderator: Adeola Naomi Aderemi
See also: Scenes: Glimpses From a Lockdown
Mandarin, English

At the occasion of the premiere of his performance Scene: Glimpses from a Lockdown, Wang Bing and Nigerian-Greek scholar and activist Adeola Naomi Aderemi have a conversation on the two elements of globalization present in the recent work of Wang Bing, and their close connection. On the one side the economic neo-colonization of West Africa by China; on the other the presence of West African workers in textile districts in China, which was given more visibility following the violent mechanisms of exclusion faced with the outbreak of the pandemic. Between geopolitics, contemporary extractivism, the role of the documentary as a form of knowledge, and a reflection on Wang Bing’s use of images, this conversation is a rare opportunity to give a glimpse into the complexity of one of the most known Chinese artists today.

Rachida Aziz, Headquarters of The Mouvement

07.09, 17:00
With: Rachida Aziz
Moderator: Khaled Shehab

Writer, artist and activist Rachida Aziz will reflect on Every Inside has an Outside as it applies to community spaces. She will share how the state of emergency during the pandemic is the prelude of the way a moribund capitalism will deal with the age of disaster and how the recent waves of uprising for social justice highlighted that global solidarity and local community are the only sustainable and urgent way forward. The idea that this pandemic is a portal – as Arundhati Roy wrote – shaped the formation of The Mouvement, which recently opened physical spaces under the label of Headquarters of The Mouvement. The talk will be the ground for a discussion on the need for community spaces, mixed and non-mixed, as an intricate way of shifting the inside-outside paradigm: using inside community thinking and healing to radically enact change and take up space outside.

Emanuele Coccia, Malcom Ferdinand

08.09, 17:00
With: Emanuele Coccia, Malcom Ferdinand
Moderator: Ruth Paluku-Atoka

For the final day of Every Inside Has an Outside, the festival invites two theorists for two lectures on the relationship between ecology and the present, and an open dialogue with the public. Starting from his recent books (La Vie des Plantes and Métamorphoses), Emanuele Coccia presents a lecture conceived for the festiva, positing how all species – humans, animals, plants, bacteria, viruses and minerals – are united by metamorphosis as a phenomenon which allows the same life to subsist in disparate bodies. Malcom Ferdinand will build up his presentation on his book Une écologie décoloniale – Penser l'écologie depuis le monde caribéen, which debunks environmentalism’s claim of universality and unveils its colonial, patriarchal and slavery foundations which are covered up by modernity, hereby recentering the rightful links between social justice and ecological issues.  

This is the first dialogue between the two thinkers, conceived in resonance with one of the festival's projects, Tuan Andrew Nguyen’s short film My Ailing Beliefs Can Cure Your Wretched Desires, which explores the dynamics between humans and nature’s other living organisms, and colonization.

Adeola Naomi Aderemi is a multilingual, multi local and multi format artist, scholar, activist, and healer. She received her Masters of Science in Public Health at Birmingham City University, her master's thesis focuses on the socioeconomic impact of violence against women of Sub Saharan Africa. All whilst working as a curator, yoga therapist and editor in chief of Distinguished Diva. She is currently working on raising awareness amongst the general public on issues such as human trafficking, gender equality, women's health and equal representation for voices of women of African descent in global media. Her work in various mediums has been featured in publications such as Women Under Siege, New York Times, Ms. Magazine, New Museum New York, Forbes, e-flux, Elle, and Vogue.

Rachida Aziz is a community-builder, clothing designer, author, activist, and curator. She relentlessly reflects and acts around the intertwining of struggles and strategies and analyses how they impact the community-building process through different artistic projects and formats. Rachida is the creator of AZIRA, a Brussels based clothing line designed to disrupt gender norms and combat islamophobia. She curates artistic space that operates at the intersections of local grassroot organizers, artists, and activists connected to global struggles. She is author of Niemand zal hier slapen vannacht (Nobody shall sleep here tonight) in 2018 among countless other works.

Khaled Shehab is a researcher and activist based in Brussels. He graduated in Business Administration from the Islamic University of Gaza and holds a Masters degree in Political Science from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Khaked Shehab currently is a Communication manager at Lagrange Points Brussels, a cultural organisation that focuses on Arabic Culture and Literature, where he has also organised public events such as Café Palestine. His experience as grassroots organizer at Le Space led him straight into the heart of the local movement.

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