Due to the SARS-CoV-2 crisis, there is no public presentation in 2020.

#nofilter is a long-term collaboration between the festival and three different youth organisations. Together, the young people select and attend various festival presentations, meet the artists, and discuss their expectations and experiences, camera in hand. From the filmed material, they make video clips to share online. #nofilter is an integration project, both professional and civic, entirely organised by and for young people. Its name refers to their freshness; they have fewer inhibitions than other spectators, affecting their approach to the artists, to the impactful effect of certain shows, and simply put, to the authentic experience of good times spent together in the theatre.

During the lockdown in 2020, the youngsters prepared an international exchange in collaboration with Belluard Bolwerk in Fribourg and a Swiss youth organisation that will take place in 2021. To be continued!

Coordination: Oualid Akrouh, Chiraz Graja, Nouha Mhamdi
Video: Badredine Oulad Haj Amar, El Ayadi Mourad
Subtitles: Achiel Vanden Abeele
In collaboration with: Chicago & VMJ-AJM youth centers (D’Broej), TransfoCollect
Supported by: Fondation Bernheim
Thanks to: GC De Kriekelaar

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