New Joy

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American dancer and choreographer Eleanor Bauer plays loosely with the codes and concepts of contemporary dance, by opening them up to other domains and disciplines. The result is a body of work that is expressive, multifaceted and multimedial: from improvised talk shows to evening-long ensemble pieces. She has been working for several years in close collaboration with composer Chris Peck. In their latest creation, they confront the mediated post-truth era. New Joy looks to uncover latent meanings in the midst of a world full of chaotic, excessive and absurd forms of public communication created between humans and machines. This data-ist cybermusical travels straight across the boundaries of different registers: from body language and spoken language to computer language and back, from emotional to artificial intelligence, and from movement to sound. Bauer and Peck look for cross-pollinations and translations between aesthetic, social and informational values and processes. New Joy appeals to all of the senses for making sense in a holistic survival training for the twenty-first century – and beyond.

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Concept & direction: Eleanor Bauer & Chris Peck
Created with and performed by: William Bartley Cooper, Kevin Fay, Gina Haller, Michael Lippold, Veronika Nickl*, Anouk Peeters
Text: Eleanor Bauer, Chris Peck, Annett Jarewski, and the performers
Choreography: Eleanor Bauer
Music: Chris Peck
Scenography: Karel Burssens & Jeroen Verrecht / 88888 with Sofie Durnez
Costumes: Sofie Durnez
Light design: Bernd Felder
Sound design & live electronics: Lukas Tobiassen
Artistic advisor: Gaël Santisteva
Assistant director: Annett Jarewski
Scenography & costumes assistant: Tanja Maderner
Vocal coach & outside ear: Fabienne Seveillac 

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Kaaitheater
Production: Good Move vzw, Schauspielhaus Bochum
With funding support from The Flemish Authorities, Belgium
Executive Production: Caravan Production

*For these performances Veronika Nickl will be replaced by Gaël Santisteva. 

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