14/05  | 20:00

€ 8/6

Basir Mahmood will present moon-sighting, an artist talk regarding his ongoing research into Lollywood – the Lahore-based film industry active since 1929. During its peak, Lollywood was one of the most prolific producers of film in the world. Growing up in Lahore, Mahmood witnessed the decline of this once-vibrant industry, which rendered a generation of actors, writers, technicians and film-makers obsolete. Gathering the skills and memories of this generation, Mahmood has made two works in Lollywood’s disused sets and continues to investigate its history through interviews. Moon-sighting will merge anecdotes of making work in Lollywood with screenings of Mahmood’s own work and Pakistani cinema. Mahmood will be joined by Lauren Wetmore, the curator of his solo exhibition I watch you do, on view at Cinema Galeries 10.05 to 02.06.

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Cinema Galeries
10.05–02.06, 14:00–20:00
Free entrance

An exhibition of: Basir Mahmood

Curated by: Lauren Wetmore  

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Cinema Galeries 

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