Hurler sous la lune

    22/05  | 20:30
    23/05  | 20:30
    24/05  | 19:00
    28/05  | 20:30
    29/05  | 22:00

€ 16 / € 13

A story is told. First we witness its construction and then its transformation, as if we are looking through a hallucinating prism that distorts the words and images. Following his research at L’L about the poetry of the beat generation and the work of Allen Ginsberg, Brussels-based artist Mathias Varenne has created Hurler sous la lune. Varenne is fascinated by the importance of orality and storytelling, and yet he questions here the custom of perpetuating one single version (History with a capital H) that disregards the existence of a multiplicity of accounts (histories). Influenced by science-fiction practices, Varenne offers a new form of storytelling with this project. By combining text, video, light, and sound, Hurler sous la lune has the form of a narration that is progressively filtered, as if by a chemical substance or a kaleidoscopic lens; a gesture to remind us that our world, locked in its pragmatic narrations, definitely needs unusual stories, images and heroes.

Author, director, performer: Mathias Varenne
Video and light creator, performer: Damien Petitot
Sound creation, vocal coach, performer: Myriam Pruvot
Scenography: Gaëtan Rusquet
Scenography intern : Louise Vandervorst
Director assistance: Sophie Maillard
Technical director: Xavier Meeus
Assistant video & light creation: Adrien Monfleur
Artistic accompaniment: L’L
Surtitling: Babel Subtitling 

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, L’L
Production: Mothership asbl
Production and diffusion: France Morin/Arts Management Agency
Executive production: Kunstenfestivaldesarts
Coproduction: Coop asbl, Festival Actoral (Marseille) / L’L foundation
Support: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles-Service du Théâtre, Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government
Funding and research support by: L’L / Structure expérimentale de recherche en arts vivants (2013-2018)
Thanks to: Lucille Calmel, Stéphane Gladyszewski, Christophe Haleb, Iannis Heaulme, Olivier Hespel

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After studying at the École d’Acteurs de Liège, Mathias Varenne started out as a performer under the direction of Armel Roussel, Lucille Calmel, Christine Letailleur and Wojtek Siemilski. He soon began developing his own stage objects, happily juggling theatre, sound poetry and performance. In 2014 he premiered La Preuve at the Centre Culturel de Forest and the Théâtre de Liège (winning the International Jury Prize and Young Jury Prize at the Festival Emulation). While working on this he met Isabelle Bats, with whom he went on to collaborate as a curator developing the Crash Test performance events. Mathias Varenne is extremely interested in works produced from collective creation and artists blurring their designations (identifying as actors, dancers, performers, writers and painters in one). He enjoys questioning the notion of medium and posture, and endeavours to create zones of common research where, like in a jazz band, each participant composes for the others and for themselves with the aim of creating dissonances and shared rhythms. Lastly, he enjoys focusing his research on topics linked to sexualities, femininities and social classes to bring the poetic and the political into dialogue.

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