Forget Me Not

Cancellation: The installation and the daily performances of Forget Me Not have been cancelled. In substitution WIELS is exhibiting Otobong Nkanga’s installation Contained Measures of Shifting States 1/4 (2012–17).
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Otobong Nkanga’s practice encompasses performance, installation, painting, photography, drawing and sculpture. Her works often explore environmental issues, memory, and postcolonial histories. Nkanga is interested in invasive plants that have entered territories via colonialism and the movement of peoples. They are migratory elements that cannot be contained, each with its own history that is interwoven with others. Forget Me Not questions what is indigenous and what is foreign. It features a variety of plants including the Myosotis Australis, commonly known as the ‘forget me not’. The work elaborates poignant narratives of cultural resilience and disappearance through assimilation. Throughout the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, at the same time daily, a performer enacts a poetic action of remembrance.

A project by
Otobong Nkanga

In the framework of the exhibition
The Absent Museum (20.4 – 13.8.2017)

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, WIELS

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Otobong Nkanga , who was born in 1974 in Kano, Nigeria, is an Antwerp-based visual artist and performer. After studying design in Nigeria and then at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, she obtained a masters’ degree in performing arts from DasArts in Amsterdam, exploring the potential of the body and the voice. Her work questions notions of identity, the status of African women and the cultural particularities of Nigeria, the land of her birth. She has exhibited in several institutions including the Centre Pompidou (Paris), Tate Modern (London), the Kunst-Werke (Berlin), the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam) and the Biennale de Lyon.

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