Debate – A complementary plan for the Canal Zone

    11/05  | 18:00 - 19:30

Free entrance
In collaboration with: Signal Kanal — citizen’s platform of the Brussels Canal Zone

Introduction: Sofie Vermeulen
Guest speakers: Aziza El Miamouni, José Menendez, Mohamed Ouachen, Karlien Tiebout
Moderator: Guy Gypens

Signal Kanal is a citizens' platform from the Brussels Canal zone and beyond, created in December 2018 as a reaction to the incidents at Globe Aroma. The citizens' platform is concerned about the consequences of the federal Canal Plan, which has very clearly chosen to act in repression, and wants to look for alternatives.

On the occasion of the presence of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in the Manchester street, the platform organises a debate with prominent actors of the canal zone. They are each asked to react to the 2 existing canal plans (Chemetoff's regional canal plan and Jan Jambon's federal canal plan) on the basis of their own expertise (urbanism, education, citizen participation, etc.). What problems do they identify, and what solutions do they wish to propose, each from their own domain?