Black Speaks Back & speakers

    21/05  | 20:00 - 21:00


Speakers: Olivier Marboeuf, Mireille-Tsheusi Robert and Yassine Boubout
Moderation: Jihan Imago

In collaboration with: Black Speaks Back
Free entrance (after the performance)

This talk further reflects on Kader Attia's film in which racial violence and its relation to the body are discussed. Media platform Black Speaks Back and Kunstenfestivaldesarts introduce you to Olivier Marboeuf: one of the four voices in The Body's Legacies Pt. 2: The Postcolonial Body. He enters into a dialogue with four Brussels activists: Mireille-Tsheusi Robert (trainer and author), Yassine Boubout (lawyer) and Jihan Imago (artist and Trans* activist). Together they discuss the possible dismantling of the "regime of the body", which is maintained by discrimination, such as police violence, facial control and institutional violence.

See also: The Body’s Legacies Pt. 2: The Postcolonial Body

Black speaks Back is a media platform centering the still highly invisible narratives of Afro-descendants in Belgium and The Netherlands. Their video and film productions aim to empower young creators, artists and thinkers from the greater African diaspora.
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Jihan Imago is a visual artist and Trans* activist. Co-founder of Rainbow Nation Brussels, an association whose goals are the visibility and creation of safe spaces for Queer and Trans* BPOC in Brussels. Just like the fact of being of North African culture, being Trans* has had a strong impact socially, especially in the discriminations that each implies, and the complexity that represents the combination of the two, offering him a particular prism. His activism began in 2000 in radical feminist spaces in Paris, then in Trans* and Intersex association, to finally focus on intersectional issues. He has worked in the sectors of social cohesion and mental health and acts today as a speaker, writer, coach and trainer.

Mireille-Tsheusi Robert is a teacher and author, preoccupied by racial and gender issues. She holds a master's degree in education sciences and is co-author of several books, including La couleur du risque, jeune afrodescendants et entrepreneuriat and Racisme anti-Noir, entre méconnaissances et mépris. At the initiative of the "Itinerant Lumumba Square", she initiates awareness-raising campaigns, particularly on the "Restitution" of the African cultural heritage taken during colonization. She is the president of Bamko asbl, a women's anti-racist watchdog committee.

Olivier Marboeuf (1971, Antony, France) is uthor, performer and independent curator. From 2004 to 2018 and after a career in publishing (he is co-founder of AMOK Publishing with Yvan Alagbé), he was director of the Espace Khiasma, a space dedicated to visual arts, debate and contemporary literature based in Lilas. His career focuses on the relationship between text and voice with still or moving images and, more broadly, on the issues of transmission. For several years, his research - texts and performances - has focused on the notion of minority narratives based on principles of narrative speculation that come into friction with the dominant history. He is interested in the body as a space for the enunciation and recording of the history of violence. He is also the founder of Spectre Productions, a production company dedicated to art cinema and is one of the animators of La Fabrique Phantom, a collective dedicated to critical practices of moving images and experiments on how to produce and show them.

Yassine Boubout is an activist and lawyer who has been fighting police violence and ethnic profiling for years. In addition, he is also chairman of the civil rights movement MovementX.

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