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Despite the difficulties caused by cancelling the festival, we did not want to end the year without sharing a moment with you. We are happy to share with you a brand new programme in three chapters for autumn 2020, to thank our audiences and to support the artistic community by commissioning new creations.

Every Inside Has an Outside in September to celebrate and question the present; The Diasporic Schools as an online Free School accessible worldwide; News from Home to celebrate Brussels’ artistic scene.

All these ingredients normally culminate in a festival that runs for three weeks. This year we will be travelling with you from island to island over a period of three months.

You can read the full introduction of the autumn edition of the festival here.

You can find the overview of the programme here.

Tickets go on sale on 18th of August.

Ghost Tickets : last days


Our mission has always been to support artistic creation, and we want to stay loyal to this credo. In this global crisis that has also deeply affected the artistic community, we committed to support artists not only at this moment but also in the (near) future.

You can contribute to our action by buying Ghost Tickets (€10/20) or a Ghost Pass on our website until Saturday May 30th.

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Solidary Ticket = Solidary Shower

While focusing on the arts, we want to stay vigilant to the needs of the most vulnerable ones. That's why this year all the contributions for the Solidary Tickets will be passed on to our partner DoucheFLUX who offers Solidary Showers to people in need.

We'll be back (very) soon

We are working on different options, to be able to present some performances in the autumn. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Thank you!

We thank you very much for your help and support.

See you soon!

A playlist is an act of imagination


As part of the Free School programme, Nigerian-American writer and artist Teju Cole conceived a series of lectures on history and politics whose syllabus is each time a Spotify music playlist. Today, the day he was supposed to have the first class, he sent this Spotify playlist to be shared with you.

Listen to the playlist memory of a night—were it not for and let’s connect in our collective listening tonight >>

Read Teju Cole's introduction to his playlist :

memory of a night—were it not for

This playlist is an act of imagination, the way certain cities feel like the ruins of empires that never existed. When the worldwide respiratory pandemic forced an alteration, and then a cancellation, of the elaborate plans for the 2020 Kunstenfestivaldesarts, I regretted that I would not get to participate in the Free School. But it surprised me that I regretted even more intensely the lost opportunity to meet the many hardworking organizers and conveners of the festival. This was because, in truth, what I had looked forward to the most, as I prepared to fly from Boston to Brussels, was the inevitable first-time encounter with many brilliant, fascinating, and interested young people. I knew I would make new friends and have my experience of the world expanded in unpredictable ways. I imagined that, after the day’s lectures and programming, we would head out to one or other late-night location in the city, some place with a welcome vibe, with good cocktails and low lights. This place would have good music playing, and it would be music that was familiar in some ways, but that also connected us to distant places, and maybe even to our personal prehistories. All this would be fuel for vivid and unending conversation. In such a moment, Brussels would become every city, and a kind of politics of borderlessness—apparent without being articulated—would be made manifest in our gathering.

A playlist is an act of imagination. Unable to fly to Brussels, I made a playlist. Every playlist moves according to its own logic, which cannot be determined in advance. The playlist now has the wayward title “memory of a night—were it not for.” There’s music from Jordan, Cambodia, Jamaica, Nigeria, Brazil, and numerous other stops, but the flow is organic. Much of the music is indeed from the ’70s: the decade in which I was born, and thus the first cultural moment I was aware of having missed. But some of it is more recent, though genetically connected to those 70s vibes. But all the music is, so to speak, from a single night. As I chose and listened, and removed, and evaluated, what I kept in mind was our imagined gathering on that night in Brussels that never happened.

What might someone experience in our imaginary bar, listening to “memory of a night—were it not for”? The listener might come to the paradoxical knowledge that sorrow can sometimes speak in an upbeat voice, and that the groove can be the conduit of a collective melancholy. But such a listener would also know, as the night deepens, that this is not the melancholy of surrender. It is something very different: the contemplative space in which we prepare for those future nights when we’ll all meet in person to continue our interrupted conversation.

Teju Cole, May 2020

I thought I was a ghost, but I was


« I thought I was a ghost but I was. »

In one of his writings, poet Tarek Lakhrissi gives visible words to a feeling of invisibility, in a society made of divisions and hierarchy. As all ghosts, his does not accept the condition as it is, but haunts the present, seeking revenge in a new visibility.

Our brochure opens with these words. At the time of writing them, we could not have imagined that they would take on a whole new meaning in a few days.

Discover more poems by Tarek Lakhrissi

Hidden among the pages of the programme, a selection of poems by Tarek Lakhrissi was to be revealed to the readers of our brochure.

We don't want to let these poems haunt us alone any longer : we're happy to share them virtually with you.

Read the poems >>

Support also the invisible work of the festival

In these difficult times, we want to continue to support the artists and collaborators of the festival, also those who provide invisible work.

You can help us in this action of support to the artistic creation by buying Ghost Tickets or a Ghost Pass.

Thanks for your support

Ouvertures from a distance


The festival should have started today.

One of the highlights of this first festival weekend was the double project of The Living and The Dead Ensemble, consisting of the film Ouvertures and the performance The Wake.

Watch Ouvertures online

Together with The Living and The Dead Ensemble, we are pleased to offer you access to the film Ouvertures. You can watch the film online until Sunday evening.

First shown at the Berlinale, the film imagines the return of Toussaint Louverture - hero of the Haitian Revolution - to today's Port-au-Prince and its younger generation.

Watch the film Ouvertures (FR, Haïtian Creole→EN) >>

Support to the artists

As for other artists, we aim to support this collective, which was already in Europe when the confinement measures were put in place, as much as possible.

You can help us in this action of support to the artistic creation and to the festival's collaborators by buying Ghost Tickets or a Ghost Pass.

Thanks for your support, and enjoy the film!

Image : Ouvertures © The Living and The Dead Ensemble / Spectre Productions

Ghost Tickets Fantôme


Confronted with the SARS-CoV-2 crisis, unfortunately we have to cancel the 25th edition of the festival. This comes as sad news for us, as we guess for you too.

Read more in our director's letter >>

The mission of the festival has always been to support artistic creation, and we keep this as our core mission today.

In a global crisis where the artistic community also is financially weakened, we aim to support the artists and collaborators of the festival with co-production contributions and cancellation compensations.

You can help with Ghost Tickets

You can contribute to our action by buying Ghost Tickets (€10/20) or a Ghost Pass on our website until May 30th.

Your help is needed. A lot of costs have already been incurred in the preparation of the festival, and we won't be able to count on ticket incomes, nor several of our punctual subsidies.

Solidary Ticket = Solidary Shower

While focusing on the arts, we want to stay vigilant to the needs of the most vulnerable ones.

That's why this year all the contributions for the Solidary Tickets will be passed on to our partner DoucheFLUX who offers Solidary Showers to people in need.

Thank you!

We thank you very much for your help and support.

We are already looking forward to seeing you next year. In the meantime, take care!

The programme is online


Out of respect for the work of the artists, as well as that of the festival’s team, we would already like to share with you the programme of this 2020 edition as we conceived it, composed of 34 artistic projects, 21 world premieres, and 7 projects for the Free School.

Ticket sale on hold

Given the current situation, we unfortunately have to postpone the sale of tickets on our website and at our box our office in Recyclart/De Vaartkapoen. It will therefore not be possible to buy tickets from 24 March as we initially announced online and in our programme book.

Download the programme book

You can download the programme book on our website.

We hope to be able to inform you soon about the possibility of a reformulation of the festival or its cancellation. We are following the situation closely and will of course continue to keep you informed. If you already wish to have some further information, the direction speaks here at greater length about the different scenarios currently being considered for the festival.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Stay safe.

Cancellation of the launch program scheduled for March 24th


As of that date, you'll however have the opportunity to find the complete programme of this 2020 edition on our website. In the following days, you'll also be able to discover it in our programme book distributed by postal mail and on our website.

We sincerely hope being able to maintain the festival and continue to prepare it with enthusiasm. If anything changes, we'll of course keep you posted.

Take care and thanks for your understanding.

Progamme launch 2020



On Tuesday 24 March we will be unveiling the full programme of Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2020. The Programme Launch is being held at Decoratelier (Rue de Manchester 17, Molenbeek) beginning at 6pm, where we'll be toasting this new edition of the festival. Entrance is free.

Our box office is in Recyclart/De Vaartkapoen (Rue de Manchester 13-15, Molenbeek). It will excpetionnally be open from 7 to 9pm on the 24th, reopening on 25 March at 11am.

You’ll find the complete programme on our website.

Online tickets sales via the website will begin at 7pm on Tuesday 24 March. 

Are you ready for what’s next? We almost are.


While awaiting the Programme Launch on March 24th, we can't resist revealing the names of four artists already:

As part of the festivals new Free School Akira Takayama transforms several branches of McDonald’s restaurants into lecture halls, creating a temporary university in the city.

In Marlene Monteiro Freitas her new choreography she constructs an intensive performance to give body to human fascination for the evil and the unease.

The issue of gender has always featured in the work of Ivorian choreographer Nadia Beugré: her new creation questions our understanding of the body, notably black and male, in history and today.

The new show by Iranian theatre maker Ali Asghar Dashti is a story about disintegration, a subtle criticism of the relationship between art and power.

The full programme will be revealed on March 24 at 6pm. See you then!