The Palais de la Dynastie is located at the foot of the Mont des Arts. It was built for the Expo 58 world fair, as part of a global urban development plan by the architects Jules Ghobert and Maurice Hoyoux. The architects conceived the Mont des Arts as a large public square dedicated to the arts, connecting the Royal Palace and the downtown. During Expo 58, the Palais de la Dynastie served as reception hall for official ceremonies. Afterwards it remained largely vacant, apart from hosting occasional conferences, events and exhibitions.


Kunstberg 5 Mont des Arts
1000 Brussels

How to get there?

Public transport

Bus: 38-71 (Bozar) 29-63-66 (Centraal Station/Gare Centrale)
Metro: 1-5 (Centraal Station/Gare Centrale)
Tram: 92-93 (Paleizen/Palais)