Can a festival transform into a temporary school? A school where we ask ourselves the question: if we were to invent a school today, what would its curriculum be, and to whom would it be addressed? The Free School is a ten-day project dedicated to the sharing of practices, knowledge and reflections. It does not simply investigate how knowledge is produced, but also how learning processes and shared experiences can become empowering tools.

While more and more artists conceive formats of sharing and experimental pedagogy as an artistic necessity – and not as something marginal – the Free School symbolically erects at the very core of the festival. Halfway through the festival period it transforms into an inviting school yard, where classes take place, people meet and different kinds of knowledge intertwine. The Free School offers a wide range of activities, including dance classes; a space for autolearning from objects; a science-fiction reading and writing group; a reflection through carmaking, and more. All activities are free of charge and aim to open up towards all sorts of participants. The activities of the Free School take place in either an open or a safe space. ‘Open space’ activities offer you the possibility to jump in and out freely. ‘Safe space’ workshops have a more constructive trajectory or may be dedicated to a specific group of participants. In any case the Free School enables and requires spatial coexistence, a sharing of time, collective thought and practice. Thus, it becomes a place where the present connects with the past and opens up to a future to come.

Recyclart / La Raffinerie / Cinemaximiliaan 
Registration per project (limited capacity)

Between all these activities, you can take a break in the  School Lounge , designed by Sepake Angiama and Byron Kalomamas (from 22.05).

In collaboration with : Article 27 (Pass Découverte), CIFAS, Cinemaximiliaan, Decoratelier Jozef Wouters, Institut Saint-Joseph (Etterbeek), La Raffinerie / Charleroi Danse & Recyclart
With the support of: Contour (Mechelen), SAU/MSI Brussels