Masamitsu Araki Kyoto

Public Address - Sound of Place


Théâtre Varia – Petit Varia

Japanese → FR, NL, EN | ⧖ 1h10 | €16 / €13

Having a background as a sound artist, Araki Masamitsu has often made field recordings. Public Address-Sound of Place, a dramaturgical gem, was presented for the first time in an alternative space in Tokyo, and will be shown here for the first time outside of Japan. The work was born when Masamitsu spent an entire day with a friend who is blind, during which he recorded all their conversations and the sounds of the surroundings. A gymnastics class; Kyoto subway stations; a volleyball match; and email updates on the earthquake and tsunami prevention plan: on stage, everything is reduced to pure sound. Like a technician preparing a performance, Masamitsu enters and exits the space for the sole purpose of rotating or adjusting the speakers ever so slightly, as if bringing the characters to life. In doing so, he mixes experimental sound practice with the tradition of Bunraku theatre, in which the puppeteers are visible on stage but ‘forgotten’ in the viewer’s mind. By following the experiences of Masamitsu’s friend in visualising reality through sound, Public Address-Sound of Place recalls the plurality of encountering a reality beyond the normative one. This is a sonic journey through the streets of Kyoto that becomes an ode to theatre and its power to fire the imagination.

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts-Théâtre Varia

Direction, sound design: Masamitsu Araki | Dialogue: Mitsuharu Yokota, Masamitsu Araki | Sound engineer: Kota Uematsu | Sound Plan: Toru Koda | Lighting designer: Ryoya Fudetani






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