Wichaya Artamat Bangkok

Four Days in September (The Missing Comrade) สี่วันในเดือนกันยา

theatre — premiere

Rideau de Bruxelles

| Thai → FR, NL, EN | ⧖ 1h30 | €18 / €15

A group of friends met in September 1990 to celebrate the birthday of an old ceiling fan. Suddenly lightning strikes, they flee the place, and then return to find that one of them has disappeared. The apartment is saturated with information and absurd conversation. Someone resembling the missing person reappears. In the blink of an eye, the present becomes the past. After the success of two years ago, Wichaya Artamat returns to the festival for the second time to premiere Four Days in September (The Missing Comrade), an almost cinematic theatre piece that takes place over the course of four days. With it Artamat, alludes to thirty years of Thai history by way of several sorts of disappearance – from that of the commemorative plaque of the revolution of 1932 to the abduction of activists. Through its hypnotic intimacy and subtle acting, the piece unveils the lives of ordinary Thais forced to remain blind and silent for so long. 

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts-Rideau de Bruxelles        

Concept, direction: Wichaya Artamat | Text: Ratchapoom Boonbanchachoke, Wichaya Artamat | Cast: Jaturachai Srichanwanpen, Nualpanod Nat Khianpukdee, Saifah Tanthana, Suranya Poonyaphitak, Witwisit Hiranyawongkul | Dramaturgy: Ratchapoom Boonbanchachoke | Set, Light Design, Technical Direction: Pornpan Arayaveerasid, Rueangrith Suntisuk, Laphonphat Duangploy (Kinetic Design), Piti Boonsom | Soundscape Design: Chanapon Komkham | Costume: Nicha Puranasamriddhi | Make-up advisor: Punika Rangchaya | Illustration: Sina Wittayawiroj, The Art District86 | Key Visual Designer: Rueangrith Suntisuk | English Translation: Chonlatep Nabangchang | Surtitle Operator: Pathipon Adsavamahapong | Production assistant: Surat Tamjai Kaewseekram | Producer: Sasapin Siriwanij | Coproduction: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Wiener Festwochen, Festival d’Automne à Paris, MC93 – Maison de la Culture de Seine-Saint-Denis, Black Box teater | Venue support (Thailand): Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization), Buffalo Bridge Gallery, B-Floor Theatre | Technical support (Thailand): Populight | Special Thanks: Ornanong Thaisriwong








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