Every day

Recyclart / De Vaartkapoen
Manchesterstraat 13—15 Rue de Manchester
1080 Brussel/Bruxelles
/ De Vaartkapoen

Bar & resto
Resto Recyclart (vegan & veggie)
Tuesday to Friday: 12:00 — 15:00
During the festival, every night: 18:00 — 22:00

Every Friday & Saturday: 23:00 — …
In collaboration with Recyclart / De Vaartkapoen, Decoratelier, He4rtbroken, Festival des Blocs, Darling, Leaving Living Dakota, SHAKEDOWN, Bledarte, Abstrahø, For All Queens!

Opening party: Friday 08.05 — 23:00
Closing party: Saturday 30.05 — 23:00

Box Office
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How to get there?  
Metro 1-5 (Gare de l’Ouest); Metro 2-6 (Delacroix); Bus 86-127-128 (Duchesse Brabant)

For this year’s edition, the Kunstenfestivaldesarts has deliberately chosen to put its centre back in the beating heart of the Brussels Canal Zone, in Rue de Manchesterstraat in Molenbeek. This is the first time in the festival’s recent history that the same venue has been chosen as the festival centre for two years in a row: in doing so, the festival wishes to break with the need for constant renewal. The ties that were successfully built up during the previous edition with the existing local initiatives and networks will be perpetuated and strengthened. Recyclart and De Vaartkapoen form the core of the festival centre. After a difficult move, they have reinvented themselves
as an exciting and vibrant cultural hub. During the festival they will become a cultural and culinary meeting place, with parties on Friday and Saturday. La Raffinerie / Charleroi danse and Decoratelier are further partners of the festival centre: together with them, the festival is organizing projects and activities. For ten days, they will form the heart of the Free School, host Poetry Nights and contribute to the opening and closing of the festival. The festival centre wants to be a sustainable initiative, a driving force that brings together the particular ecology of initiatives in Rue de Manchesterstraat and makes them flourish together.