Every Inside Has an Outside is a five-day festival presenting seven artistic projects and a public program to reflect on the present, and its multiple superposed spaces. To define a space always implies determining who is included and who is excluded by it. Guy Woueté recreates a series of symbolic protests in public space, reminding its importance as a political space, and focussing the attention on workers who are excluded from any logic of protection. Spaces are complex entities, and sometimes several spaces cohabit together inside the same one. Wang Bing rebuilds in Les Halles de Schaerbeek his apartment of Beijing, and his life in lockdown last January while working on a project on globalization. Starting from a series of letters from conditions of isolation, Begüm Erciyas accompanies the voice of the spectator in a journey from the self to public space. Jisun Kim carries out an investigation on the virtual world as a space of freedom. Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and Radouan Mriziga collaborate on a new project in which choreography becomes the tool to measure a body, physical distance and the architecture of a space.After last year's solo, Trajal Harrell is back at the festival with an energetic group project inspired by the central character of Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Gwendoline Robin uses fireworks, and the Brussels sky, as a space in which to collectively and simultaneously project our gaze. Screened in the garden of Maison des Arts, Vietnamese artist Tuan Andrew Nguyen presents a poetic film on reincarnation, colonization and animal extinction. Finally, Phia Menard / Compagnie Non Nova arrives in Brussels with her legendary interpretation of of the goddess Athena in Contes Immoraux – Partie 1 : Maison Mère. Organised between the garden of the Maison des Arts, Les Halles de Schaerbeek and the public space of Schaerbeek, – and through performances, debates, installations and pyrotechnic gestures – Every Inside Has an Outside celebrates artistic creation in its ability to speak about the present, and reminds us the importance of collective experiences.