With our Community projects we aim for new and durable connections with the (young) inhabitants of the city of Brussels.

The Class

Two secondary schools have committed to a long-term collaboration. From May 2017 until May 2019 students, who are currently in the 5th grade, will become acquainted with one another and familiarise themselves more with contemporary performing arts. During this second year, they see three performances of the festival together and focus on what it means to be an “active spectator”, during bilingual workshops. This collaboration will be stepped up over next year, when they will collaborate with Brussels based artist Anna Rispoli.

A project for and by the youngsters of Institut Dominique Pire (Brussels) & Atheneum GO! For Business (Molenbeek-Saint-Jean)
In collaboration with De Veerman
Workshops (NL/FR) by Gideon Hakker & Lauranne Winant
Accompanying teachers Valérie Asselberghs, Florence Hanoset, Stefanie Peeters
Thanks to Zinnema

Young Art Reporters #YAR

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts and De Veerman ran a mixed media project for young people from Brussels for the first time. Starting in April, a team of young people aged between 16 and 22 met frequently to discuss the artistic programme and create reactions to it through different mixed media (such as videos, texts etc.), being coached along the way by several media and communication professionals. Have a look at their output on their blog.

YAR's 2018 Jazie Custers, Kazan Decock, Anaïs Deherder, Shana De Smedt, Gabriel Detheux, Alain Dramé, Freya De Vos, Jérémie de Weck, Lina El Bakkali, Céleste Gomis, Nora Olivares, Jetlira Selmani, Brigitta Skarpalezos,Tessa Torrekens, Julien Van Boeckel, Viktor Vandervelde, Alexandre Van Hoeke, Antje Van Schelvergem, Brent Vanwaeyenberge, Romy Volders, Lucie Yerlès

A project by young people from Brussels (16-22 years old)
Initiated by De Veerman, Kunstenfestivaldesarts
Coaches Daan Simons, Pierre-Philippe Hoffman
In collaboration with BILL, KAROO.me
Supported by Evens Foundation
Thanks to Ecole Active (Uccle), Erasmushogeschool Brussel (Journalism), GO! atheneum Anderlecht (Audiovisual education), Ihecs (Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications sociales), Samarcande & Solidarcité

Chicago Project

A small group of young people from the Chicago youth centre dive into the festival programme with a camera in their hands. They attend seven performances, record each other’s expectations and reactions, edit the material into video clips and share these online. However, the heated discussions about the performances continue long after the cameras have been packed away. This is a project about broadening perspectives, valuing the expression of opinions and simply having a fun night out!

Presentation and public screening at Kanal – Centre Pompidou on 26/05 – 12:00

Production Chiraz Graja
Videos Oualid Akrouh & Badredine Oulad Haj Amar
Moderator Lars Kwakkenbos
In collaboration with Chicago & VMJ-AJM youth centres (D’Broej) & TransfoCollect
Supported by Bernheim Foundation