Thank you!

We are happy to share with you the after movie of Every Inside Has an Outside. Our five day festival in Schaerbeek was visited by many of you and created the occasions for new projects that have been welcomed with critical acclaim and enthusiasm. It was a pleasure – after such a long break – to celebrate live experiences, and find ways to be together from a safe distance.

Despite the difficulties caused by cancelling the festival, and thanks to your support, we create a new format in Autumn, made of three chapters. Three moments to recompose the DNA of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

From 4 to 8 September, we organise Every Inside Has an Outside, a five-day festival in Schaerbeek, which through seven artistic projects and a public programme aims to provide a reflection on the times we are living in.  

In October, in The Diasporic Schools, we support seven artists with new creations, to reflect on diasporas and sharing knowledge from a distance, through a series of online encounters.  

From 26 to 29 November, in collaboration with six arts centres in Brussels and seven artists based in the city, we present the focus News From Home.

Three islands of an archipelago that gives shape to the festival this year. Be most welcome.

© Tuan Andrew Nguyen