Underneath Which Rivers Flow

    30/05  | 19:00
    31/05  | 19:00
    01/06  | 19:00

€ 14 / € 10
45 min
EN/FR with NL/EN subtitles

Tickets for sale via Kaaitheater
After the performance, you are invited to take a walk in the park

One day, a large banner suddenly appeared on the facade of the Decoratelier, showing a virtual vision of what the neighbourhood might look like in the future. The atelier and its surroundings had been replaced by a large park. That same day, I met a group of people from Globe Aroma and we decided to dig a hole towards this future park that, right now, is still an old factory. In the enormous void we taught each other to build out loud: a form of construction in which there is no difference between speaking, dreaming and building. Gradually an alternative park took shape, a park where memories and imagination intermingle, a secret garden filled with shadows and a jumble of grey zones. As yet I understand little of it, but it seems to be a place where people can decide for themselves whether or not to be visible or invisible, and this in the heart of the city.” Jozef Wouters.

For a year, Decoratelier Jozef Wouters worked with Open Arts House Globe Aroma on Underneath Which Rivers Flow. A group of women and men – builders, poets and dreamers – met weekly in the Decoratelier in Molenbeek. Together, they built stories, a secret garden full of wormholes to unsuspected worlds.

Symposium: The Forms of Urban Hospitality.
31.05, 15:00-18:45
Organised by Metrolab at Decoratelier
EN / Free entrance

This symposium is an attempt to start a dialogue on the forms of urban hospitality between sociologists, architects, urban planners and artists. It will be followed by the performance of UWRF and the discovery of Decoratelier’s "secret garden". 

15:00-15:15 Introduction
15:15-15:45 Joan Stavo-Debauge (EPFL, Lausanne) — What is urban hospitality?
16:00-16:30 Mathieu Berger & Benoît Moritz (Metrolab) — The "inclusive enclave" as a concept and as a form
16:45-17:00 Pause
17:00-17:30 Menna Agha (University of Antwerp)— Liminal publics, marginal resistance
17:45-18:15 Jozef Wouters — Reflexions on the secret garden
18:15-18:45 Discussion
18:45 End

A project by Globe Aroma & Decoratelier Jozef Wouters
Building: Poets Barry Ahmad Talib, Ali Alkrizi, Mimouna Amri, Mbarek Bouallaga, Zohir Boumelha, Sekou Coumbassa, Chantal Gyselinx, Idris Hassan Hardi, George Khuroshvili, Bushra Lamsyeh, Soumaya Mahroug, Shilemeza Prins, Randy Renders, Tahar Sadam, Marie-Ange Sibi, Ifrah Yusuf Magan
Artistic direction: Jozef Wouters
Artistic collaborator: Jeroen Peeters 
Dramaturgy: Vladimir Miller 
Decoratelier: Menno Vandevelde (technical director), Lukas Geerens, Jan Rymenants, Willem Rys, Koen Schetske, Vic Van den Bossche, Siemen Van Gaubergen, Casper van Overschee
Film: Robbrecht Desmet
Light: Michiel Soete
Sound in collaboration with Vincent Malstaf
Production management: Penelope Desloovere, Brecht Theunis, Camille Thiry, Ewoud Vermote

Production: Damaged Goods, Globe Aroma Co-production Kaaitheater, Netwerk Aalst
Special thanks to Saïd Amrawu, Alex Cepile
Thanks to Thomas Collier, Wannes Cré, Philip Delbecque, Pieter Dumoulin, Marlies Jacques, Sirine Jen, Lila John, Sanae Khamlichi, Ferre Marnef, Hana Miletic, Kristof Vande Walle (M – Museum Leuven), Sarah Vanhee, Nathanael Van Hoecke, De Lork vzw, Gemeente Molenbeek, L’Escaut Architectures, WijkAntenne de Quartier

Part of the two-year collaboration between Netwerk Aalst and Jozef Wouters, within the framework of The Unreliable Protagonist-programme (2017-2019).  For Netwerk Aalst, this project was managed by Els Silvrants-Barclay.

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