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    28/05  | 22:00

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Eleanor Bauer is an American dancer and choreographer hors catégorie . In her work, Bauer utilises the strict codes and concepts of contemporary dance in a shrewd and subtle way, with an expressive directness that tends toward cabaret and vaudeville. Her newest creation brings together the different poles of her artistic work in a remarkable piece: Meyoucycle, which sounds rather like ‘musical’ spoken with a strange accent. Together with composer Chris Peck, Bauer throws all the ingredients of the musical comedy (song, text, dance, and music) into the blender, resulting in a completely new, hybrid genre. Four performers share the stage with Brussels musical ensemble Ictus. The show is a tribute to the ‘song’, the expressive art form in which poetics directly transport feelings and ideas. As a ‘me-you-cycle,’ the performance is a song cycle written in dialogue between Bauer and Peck about me and you and everything in-between, how we communicate and understand each other. Meyoucycle is a science-fiction concert about ordinary emotions in an age of technological advancement and hyper capitalism.

Concept & direction
Eleanor Bauer & Chris Peck

Eleanor Bauer, developed with the performers

Music composition
Chris Peck, developed with the performers

Created with & performed by
Eleanor Bauer (vocals, dance), Inga Hákonardóttir (vocals, dance), Tarek Halaby (vocals, dance), Gaël Santisteva (vocals, dance, alto saxophone, shaker), Gerrit Nulens – Ictus Ensemble (drums, percussion), Gwenaelle Rouger – Ictus Ensemble (piano, synth), Kobe Van Cauwenberghe – Ictus Ensemble (guitar, bass)

Music assistance – Ictus Ensemble
Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Tom Pauwels, Jean-Luc Plouvier

Chris Peck & Eleanor Bauer, with guest contributions by Gérald Kurdian, Arjan Miranda, Ryan Seaton

Spoken texts
Eleanor Bauer, developed with Chris Peck & the performers

Light design
Luc Schaltin

Costume & set design
Sofie Durnez, developed with Eleanor Bauer

Sound mixing & live processing
Alex Fostier

Technical coordination
Jitske Vandenbussche

Thanks to
Cedric Andrieux, Povilas Bastys, Bryana Fritz, Emily Gale, David Van Dijcke, Herman Venderickx, KASK Conservatorium, King's Fountain Foundation

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Kaaitheater

Production management
Caravan Production for GoodMove vzw (Brussels)

Kaaitheater (Brussels), Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, PACT Zollverein (Essen), Ruhrtriennale

Kaaitheater (Brussels), Pianofabriek (Brussels), P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels)

Supported by
Vlaamse Overheid

Subtitling with the support of

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Meyoucycle (me-you-cycle) is a political science fiction fantasy concert about expression in the age of hyper-capitalism and technological mediation. Personal ads and old-school letters, chat-bots, tweets and untameable rants, poetic terrorism, sound and image collide in a rumination on contemporary and near-future life and the intense forces and interfaces that shape it.

Pronounced with a strange accent in English, the title Meyoucycle sounds like ‘musical’, which is to say that Meyoucycle creates somethingforeign to what can be identified as a musical, but with familiar ingredients.The piece combines music, dance and text; and it seems to tell astory: in the near future a group of poetic terrorists and emotional hackershave all dropped into anonymity. They dwell in the Dark – the darkweb, the dark woods, the unknowns, the subconscious, the intuition ofhidden knowledge. They escape an all-pervasive system that expropriatescommunication between people and transforms it into profit. Inorder to maintain absolute freedom of expression, they must lose theiridentity and transform themselves constantly. Sliding through differentgenres of performance and music, inhabiting different forms of speechand physical appearance, they generate a constantly shifting horizon ofpossible meanings.

Meyoucycle is a song-cycle written in collaboration between choreographer/performer Eleanor Bauer and musician/composer Chris Peck. Bauer and Peck have worked together for many years, over great distance. They learned to use the reality of distance and digital communication actively. Processing various source-materials from magazine articles to dreams, folding in three contributions from absent guest song-writers, developing the choreography with the performers and musical arrangements in dialogue with Ictus ensemble, the material itself is a churning cycle of me’s and you’s. As a ‘me-you-cycle,’ the performance ultimately acknowledges that all understandings in the theatre are created somewhere between the stage and the public.

Meyoucycle emphasizes our intersubjectivity and interdependency in the co-creation and understanding of meaning. In the midst of several influences, sources, concerns, disciplines and media, we weave connections between the signs, messages, images, texts, dreams, streams, and fragments of meaning that surround us.

Working at a distance from one another for years, Eleanor Bauer and Chris Peck have learned to utilize the contemporary realities of absence and technological mediation within their collaboration as a way to open up spaces of interpretation and strategies of composition. Through a diversity of new and old methods of scoring and generating material with others, Peck and Bauer are interested in sharing and extending this play of meaning-production to the various interrelations between songwriter, musician, composer, choreographer, performer, and audience. Created and performed with Ictus contemporary music ensemble and singer/dancer/performers Eleanor Bauer, Inga Hákonardóttir, Tarek Halaby, and Gaël Santisteva, and including contributions from guest songwriters and composers Gérald Kurdian, Arjan Miranda, and Ryan Seaton, Meyoucycle is a porously authored meshwork that creates an experience beyond the sum of its parts.

Bauer and Peck’s focus on songwriting comes from an interest in the tension between the poetics of language and the affective qualities of music, dance and singing. Thinking about the song as opposed to other kinds of musical composition as a relatively short and isolated piece often written to communicate a particular feeling, idea, or agenda, Meyoucycle emphasizes this direct communication style and its relationship to feeling and intuition as a tool for expressing both explicit and implicit, overt and subverted messages.

With Meyoucycle, Eleanor Bauer continues her search for ways in a shared process to create space for the unnameable, untameable intuitive truths that resonate in the deep undercurrents connecting the absolutely personal to universally common experience. The subjective and yet shared palette of experiential knowledge constituted by emotion and how it is communicated has been a cornerstone of the creation process. Reflecting on and imagining the social and cultural subjects and communities produced by contemporary and future tools and technologies within hyper-capitalist acceleration, the characters of Meyoucycle point to the conflicts and paradoxes between sharing and surveillance, connection and atomisation, networking and narcissism, with communication as our basic faculty constantly under threat of expropriation and manipulation. Questioning what we share and how we share it, Meyoucycle asks how we can avoid the seemingly inevitable exploitation of our private and public lives, personal and psychic capacities, by switching the cables, diving into the dark, swerving with the times.

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Eleanor Bauer (b. 1983) is a performer and performance-maker based in Brussels, Belgium. She works at the intersections of choreography, dance, writing, music, and performance art. Her pieces range in scale and media towards challenging categories, methods of producing, and ways of thinking performance. Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, she studied dance, choreography, and performance at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (BFA, Dance) and P.A.R.T.S., Brussels. Bauer has been an artist in residence at Kaaitheater from 2013 to 2016. Her versatile works such as ELEANOR!, At Large, The Heather Lang Show by Eleanor Bauer and Vice Versa, (BIG GIRLS DO BIG THINGS), A Dance for the Newest Age (the triangle piece), Tentative Assembly (the tent piece), Midday & Eternity (the time piece), and BAUER HOUR have toured internationally to critical acclaim. Alongside making her own work, Eleanor Bauer has worked as a performer with Xavier Le Roy, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker/Rosas, Boris Charmatz, Emily Roysdon, Matthew Barney, Mette Ingvartsen, David Zambrano, Trisha Brown, Ictus, The Knife, and others. She also frequently teaches, mentors, and writes about dance and performance.

Chris Peck (b. 1980) is a composer, computer musician, and improviser who often collaborates with contemporary dance and theater artists, including Deke Weaver, Jennifer Allen, Beth Gill, John Jasperse, RoseAnne Spradlin, and David Dorfman. MASS, his collaboration with choreographer Milka Djordjevich for singing dancers and electronic sound, premiered at The Kitchen (NYC) in May 2015. Peck performs as an improviser with Jon Moniaci and Stephen Rush under the name Crystal Mooncone. The trio is currently completing its fifth album using material recorded in performances at the CCRMA (Stanford) and the Klowden Mann Gallery (LA) in 2014. He completed a Ph.D. in Composition and Computer Technologies at the University of Virginia in May 2015 and lectures at the University of California, Merced.

Ictus is a Brussels-based contemporary music ensemble. Supported by the Flemish Community, and formed while on the road with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, the ensemble’s home since 1994 has been the Rosas dance company’s premises. Ictus is a permanent group of 20 or so co-opted musicians. A sound engineer is a regular presence in their midst, as are the various instrumentalists – a sign of the massive movement ensembles are seen to be making towards the status of a mixed electric orchestra. The issue of formats and listening systems has now been put in the mix: mini or maxi concerts, mystery programmes (the Blind Dates in Ghent), concerts with comments, concerts-cum-festivals where the audience is at liberty to roam around the stages (Liquid Room concerts). Ictus joins forces with Bozar and the Kaaitheater every year to develop a season with which to regale audiences in Brussels. The line-up of performances is an opportunity to experiment with new programmes to be offered to a non-specialist audience with broad cultural interests, people with an enthusiasm for theatre dance and music. The ensemble has also been in residence at the Opéra de Lille since 2004. In addition to substantive work with the Opera, the ensemble also presents a stage production (almost) every year. Fans will surely remember the landmark Avis de Tempête by Georges Aperghis back in 2004, or La Métamorphose by Michaël Levinas in 2011. Ictus has also formed a partnership with the Ghent School of Arts to launch a study programme, an Advanced Master’s degree course, focused on interpreting contemporary music. Their collection of recordings consists of more than 20 titles, released at the Cyprès label. Ictus has performed in most of the major concert halls and leading festivals (Musica Strasbourg, Witten, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Festival d’Automne à Paris, Ars Musica, Royaumont, Milano Musica, Wien Modern etc.).

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