Holocauste (D’une génération à l’autre)

11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 May­ 20:30
13 May­ 19:30
1.40 h

At a time when survivors of Nazi camps are disappearing and when there are other forms of genocide "where everyone can inflict everything on everyone", director Claude Régy has felt it necessary to ensure that this particular horror of our time is told "by one generation to another". Holocaust, written in 1975 by the American poet Charles Reznikoff and based on events in the Nuremburg trials and at Eichmann's trial in Jerusalem, reduces the facts to the bare essentials. This bareness is all the more powerful because it is condensed in a poetry without images and without judgment. Claude Régy, the untiring discoverer of texts on the inexpressible (from Peter Handke to Nathalie Sarraute and Marguerite Duras), could not fail to be persuaded by the accuracy of such an eye-witness account. He gives it voice and form in a radical monologue, an inner space where listening is more important than action, where words seek to reach and animate our innermost selves.

Direction: Claude Régy
Production: Les Ateliers Contemporains (Paris)
Supported by: L’Association Française d'Action Artistique
Copresenter: Bellone-Brigittines

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