Are you also convinced of the need for artistic creation in society? Would you like to make a personal contribution to producing a new work? Get involved with the friends of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, and you will support the creation of one project each year.

Friends of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts

Artistic creation is central to the mission of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. Most of the works being presented are seeing the light for the first time – in all their fragile beauty – and are co-produced by the festival. Each year, the Friends of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts fund will support one of the projects in the festival. This shall enable the Kunstenfestivaldesarts to continue to realise ambitious and daring presentations.

Become a Friend of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts and contribute to the production of a new work! To do so, please make your donation via deposit into the account of the Fondation Roi Baudoin. Gifts of more than €40 per year are tax deductible.

Friends 2016

Claude de Selliers de Moranville, Pierre Paul Fontainas, Didier Annicq, Stefaan De Clerck, Arnaud de Schaetzen, Jean-Luc & Sophie Peêrs, Daniel Rocha de Oliveira, Edith Klapwijk, Michel de Visscher, Olivier Gevart, Olivier & Véronique Gillerot-van Lierde, Alexandra van Laethem, Hughes Becquart, Charles & Fabienne Delogne-Vermeulen, Corine Snijders, Anne-Sophie Van Neste, Sandrine Carneroli, Jean-Marc Gollier, Guido & Celesta Lamote-Sarens, Remy & Vincianne Mannès-Ingeveld, Brigitte Martens, Laure Nyssen, Eleni Tzetza, Reinhilde Van Hemelrijck, Anna Van Waeg, Filip Vandeputte & Nadia Cornelis, André Viollier, Gaia Devaux, Odile Van der Vaeren, Lydia Deveen-Depauw, Damien Levie, Jeannine Dath, Guy de Bellefroid, Dominique Mussche, Anne Niveau, Eveline van Geertruyden, Marie-Thérèse Van Stratum-Gilliot, Chiara Funari, Régine Geûens, Olivier t’Kint de Roodenbeke, Miriame Watthee-Delmotte, …

​Supported projects

2015 Michel François, Take The Floor
2016 Philippe Quesne, Welcome to Caveland!

You can make your donation via deposit into the account of the Fondation Roi Baudoin.

How to donate?

King Baudouin Foundation
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Donations of € 40 or more made in Belgium are tax deductible.


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