Give someone in need the opportunity to see a show by contributing from € 1 to the cost of their ticket.

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts attempts to combine a carefully honed arts programme and a wide audience. To achieve this, it is essential to guarantee access to art and culture, including for people who are disadvantaged or fall outside official channels.

The basic idea of the solidary ticket is to contribute to the cost of a ticket for someone who is less advantaged, in € 1 installments. As soon as the amount of a ticket is reached, someone in difficulty will be given a ticket to the show of their choice. This ticket will be allocated by our outreach department through socio-cultural associations and welfare organisations with whom we are long-term partners.

Please note that the solidary ticket will only be issued to people who, due to their specific situation, do not have access to existing discounts, such as Article 27 and Paspartoe.