Solidary Tickets = Solidary Showers

Solidary Tickets become Solidary Showers given to our partner DoucheFLUX.

In previous years, the principle of the solidary ticket was simple: you were given the opportunity to contribute towards the cost of a ticket for a disadvantaged person, in increments of €1. As soon as the full amount was reached, a person in difficulty received a ticket to a show of their choice. Our Audience Development service wasl be responsible for redistributing the gifted tickets via socio-cultural associations and organisations in the social sector with which we are partners. 

Due to the cancellation of the festival, it is no longer possible to contribute to performance tickets. Still, we want to remain attentive to the needs of people in precarious life conditions. 

This is why, in this exceptional situation of a health crisis, all contributions for the solidarity tickets will be directly passed on to our partner DoucheFLUX.

A Solidary Shower costs 5€, but you can contribute for any amount from €1 when you buy your Ghost Tickets. You can also buy Solidary Showers directly from DoucheFLUX’s website.

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