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Bring your pupils to the Kunstenfestivaldesarts!

We are convinced that the Kunstenfestivaldesarts programme can be made accessible to children and teenagers with the right framework. That is why we organize several bilingual activities, in and outside of school hours.

The festival organizes performances for schools within school hours (workshop and introduction in class). We also publish an elaborate pedagogical file about one of the performances, to put its themes and working methods in the right context.

Selma & Sofiane Ouissi

Le Moindre Geste : School performance & workshop

Each year, we invite pupils from secondary schools in Brussels to performances in order to bring them into contact with contemporary arts. We explain the context of Selma & Sofiane Ouissi’s show with an introduction at school and a bilingual workshop of activities that focus on intercultural encounters, paying attention to the small gestures that give away the story of our lives and bodies.

Théâtre la Balsamine
22/05 – 9:30 > 16:00
Admission € 8 (free for accompanying teachers)
Target group students in the 5th & 6th grades (secondary school)
Included bilingual workshop
Workshop leaders Selma & Sofiane Ouissi, Annabel Debaenst

Mariano Pensotti

Arde brillante en los bosques de la noche : School performance & teaching material

There is an option for your students to receive extra preparation for this school performance in a free workshop. You can also run the workshop or provide the introduction yourself, with the help of a teaching file that can be downloaded from our website.

Théâtre National
23/05 – 11:00 > 12:40
Admission € 8 (free for accompanying teachers)
Target group pupils in the 5th & 6th grades (secondary school)
Free workshop option with Cécile Hupin & An Vandevelde

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