Woyzeck on the Highveld

1 May: 19.30
2 & 3 May: 20.30
4 May: 21.30
duration: 1.20h

The original Woyzeck from 1836-37: Woyzeck, soldier and barber, works for the Captain and is used for medical experiments by the Doctor. The little he earns from this he gives to his beloved. When she commits adultery with the Drum-Major, Woyzeck stabs her.

Woyzeck, The Handspring Puppet Company version: Woyzeck is a black worker in the Transvaal gold-mines. The Drum-Major is his foreman, the Captain and the Doctor are chites. South Africa in 1994.

The South African puppeteers' collective, The Handspring Puppet Company, offer an idiodyncratic Woyzeck: a finely-balanced whole with theatre, puppetry, live music and animated film.

After Woyzeck by Georg Büchner
Directing: William Kentridge
Prod.: the Handspring Puppet Company, Mannie Manim Productions
Pres.: with Théâtre 140

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