The May Events


    16/05 - 20/05

Fifty years after the events of 68, The May Events explores the – often hidden – plurality of narratives that might spring from this date, as a way to both retrace a complex cartography of the past, and to explore the multiple perspectives of its future. From the workers’ revolts in Detroit to a reflection on students’ protest in Mexico, as it will appear in 2048, The May Events presents a stratification of time and fictions : not only by traveling back in time and see – from there – the urgencies of today, but by projecting ourselves into the future to speculate about the shape of the present. Articulated into exhibitions, a performative installation, discursive moments, workshops and guided tours – and taking place in art school INSAS– the programme invites art as a landscape for new narratives.


The May Events will continue on 23 > 26/05 at Vooruit in Ghent