Stratification: Traces of Excess

    21/05  | 13:30 - 17:00


Admission free

On the first three Saturdays the festival is holding open moments of reflection where the topic of the cave resonates. The cave reminds us that every form of protection marks a line between an inside and an outside, between what is protected and what it is protected from; it invites us to rethink the modern division between light and darkness; it questions the production of traces and the sedimentation of excess. Artists and theoreticians will be giving lectures and workshops, generally intervening in different formats to construct a hypothetical, narrative journey through the representation of the cave: why we go inside (protection), what we seek inside (underground sources of light), and what we leave behind (traces of excess)?

With a conversation on oblivion and excess with Sarah Vanhee, a presentation by Vincent Meessen, a performative presentation by SPEAP, a lecture on Courbet and the caves by art historian James Rubin and a conversation on traces with Philippe Quesne.

In collaboration with École des Arts Politiques de Sciences Po (SPEAP, Paris) & erg – école superieure des arts, Master Politique et experimentation graphiques, Brussels)

Viewing copies of The Time We Share will be on display at the bookshop.

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The cave is a scene of continuous stratification. Stalactites and stalagmites grow continuously, tracing the excess. It is also the place that hosts early human traces, signs that are embedded in the future of history. But how do we deal with what are on the contrary the excesses of human history, those which we do not want to stay embedded within its future?


Sarah Vanhee, a conversation

A presentation by Vincent Meessen, followed by a conversation with Corinne Diserens and the audience


A performative presentation by SPEAP

James Rubin, Courbet Cave Man, followed by a discussion with Philippe Quesne

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