Shadows of Tomorrow

    23/05  | 22:00
    24/05  | 22:00
    25/05  | 22:00
    26/05  | 22:00

€ 16 / € 13
40 min

Psychedelic hip-hop is characterised by complex sample-based beats and abstract lyrics, often filled with unconventional references. Starting from her fascination with this music genre, Oslo-based artist Ingri Midgard Fiksdal has created the choreographic project Shadows of Tomorrow. There is no music to be heard, and yet we are transported in silence into the immersive experience of a psychedelic concert, through the movements of twenty performers. The beats move through them, recreating numerous rhythmical layers, and transforming them into a single body, oscillating between the liberating anonymity of the dancefloor and the affirmation of each singularity. The performance takes its title from a music track by Madlib and MF Doom, two key figures within the genre of psychedelic hip-hop. The song was a homage to the poem The Shadow of Tomorrow by Sun Ra, with the sound of the cosmic trip from his 1974 movie Space Is the Place sampled in the track. These dynamics of sampling and questions about circulation often feature in the work of Fiksdal, whose practice reflects on the circulation of movement and the transfer of its perception between performers and the audience.

Choreography: Ingri Midgard Fiksdal
Light design: Ingeborg Staxrud Olerud
Light technician: Tobias Leira
Costumes: Elena Becker, Ingri Fiksdal, Mia Melinder and Signe Vasshus
Original cast of performers: Rosalind Goldberg, Pernille Holden, Sigrid Hirsch Kopperdal, Marianne Skjeldal and Venke Sortland
Performers in Brussels: Rosalind Goldberg and students of ISAC (Institut Supérieur des Arts et Chorégraphies, Brussels): Laura Battistella, Joséphine Bonnaire, Raoul Carrer, Estelle Czernichowski, Laura Elias, Sophie Farza, Marion Gassin, Lydia Guez, Helio Hoarau, Lucas Katangila, Jean Lesca, Shankar Lestrehan, Camille Meyer, Kiko Nickel, Juliette Otter, Clémence Péguy, Aela Royer, Lotte Van Gelder, Milo Van Praet, Ilana Winderickx, Castelie Yalombo
Producer and administration: Eva Grainger
Producer and distribution: Nicole Schuchardt

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Le Lac
Supported by: Arts Council Norway, The Norwegian Artistic Research Program, Oslo National Academy of the Arts and ISAC (Institut Supérieur des Arts et Chorégraphies, Brussels)

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Ingri Midgard Fiksdal works as a choreographer with base in Oslo. She recently finished a PhD in artistic research titled Affective Choreographies at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Recent works include Deep Field (2018), Diorama (2017) and STATE (2016), which have toured extensively in Norway and Europe, as well as to North-America and China. 

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