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    16/05 - 20/05

Free entrance

Exhibition 16/05 > 20/05 – 18:00 > 00:00

In the frame of The May Events @ INSAS, 16 > 20/05

Media of every fight, every uprising, the banners help us claim or denounce, they call out, they state I you she we, say we concur or not in my name. They are what lasts, lingers, what captions images. Active agents of the social history of writing, they also expose our rare non-commercial words in public space, and thus, inscribed in the temporality of the written letter, they subtext us and caption us.

Pamina (1987) is a Swiss author and performer.

It’s at the Arts & Design University in Geneva (2007-2010) that she first developed her performance work in the ART ACTION department. In 2011 she arrived in Brussels where she began a 5 years residency at L’L (lieu de recherche et d’accompagnement pour la jeune création).

Since 2014, she is working at a wide research project called FIRE OF EMOTIONS, a multiform ambitious project based on the “warm joy of critical theory”. Two piece already emerged from the saga : FIRE OF EMOTIONS: GENESIS (2014-)l and FIRE OF EMOTIONS: THE ABYSS (2017-) Parallely, she also got a master’s degree in cultural management from ULB (2011-2014) And From November 2012 until January 2016, Pamina became co-artistic director of the Bâtard Festival alongside Dries Douibi and Michiel Vandevelde. Since 2018 she moved out of Belgium but never arrived anywhere else, weirdly.

Her performances are some kind of spoken essays in which she shares her practice of “dehierarchy of knowledge” rather than imposes her knowledge as an expert or a classic lecturer. Pamina also practices banner installation, sewing, embroidery and gardening and is all and all participating in the emancipatory proposal of “making thinking desirable again” that author Zadie Smith proposed in an interview…

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