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Stan is tackling Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, alias Molière, the tapestry-maker's son who became the greatest 'comic' writer of the Louis XIV era. Stan is tackling ALL of Molière!

For the actors in this critical collective, choosing a text has always been a political act that pits itself against the scathing commitment of a writer on his time. Mire than serving him within the traditional meaning of the word, they invoke him and have frank discussions with him. What does this great classic of the French repertoire have to say to these Dutch-speakers of today? And how will they reply?




Natali Broods, Jolente De Keersmaeker, Matthias de Koning, Sara De Roo, Damiaan De Schrijver, Tine Embrechts, Adriaan Van den Hoof & Frank Vercruyssen


Matthias de Koning


Thomas Walgrave


An D'Huys

Assistant costumes:

Britt Angé


Alexander Devriendt

Technical Production:

Raf De Clercq, Steve Romanus

Thanks to:

l'équipe du/de ploeg van het/the team of the Kaaitheater, Maatschappij Discordia, 't Barre Land

Translation surtitling:

Martine Bom


Tg STAN (Antwerpen)


Kaaitheater, KunstenFESTIVALdesArts

STAN is:

Raf De Clercq, Jolente De Keersmaeker, Sara De Roo, Damiaan De Schrijver, Kristel Marcoen, Steve Romanus, Renild Van Bavel, An Van der Donckt, Frank Vercruyssen, Thomas Walgrave

tg STAN is subsidized by:

Het Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

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We make bold to obtrude ourselves on Your attention even as You are very busy with Your glorious pursuits and we are painfully aware of submitting to the country a poorly balanced matter.

Nothing is greater or more splendid than the Name we dare to mention at the head of this work and nothing is baser than the latter's content.

Every one will judge this match quite strange and some will even say, to hint at its flaws, that it is not unlike crowning a terracotta statue with diamonds and pearls or leading a visitor through impressive porticoes and triumphal arches to reach a hovel.

And yet we dared, Monsieur, dedicate to You this nullity, this entertainment that pales besides Your magnificence, but that we contrived for Your amusement.

This paltry work was composed after the writings of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, the 17th-century playwright whom You probably know better as Molière.

In the light of Your glorious fatigue and Your victorious accomplishments it is only justice that those who pretend to strut the stage work either to praise You or to amuse You. We have tried to do so, in the humble and sincere hope that You will find it in your heart to feel kindly disposed towards this modest work.

If we are unable to present You with an effort measuring up to Your resplendence, it will not be owing to any imperfections on the part of the audience, nor to any lack of zeal or study on the part of the thespians, but only to the mischance that often arises out of the best intentions, and that doubtless distresses considerably.

Your most humble, most obedient and most faithful servants and subjects,

La Troupe imaginaire


or Les Fourberies de la Troupe imaginaire

created for the entertainment of Monsieur

in the month of May 2003, the 21st

and given its first public performance in Brussels

at the Théâtre de la Lune

Arranged marriages, doomed love affairs, doctors, imaginary doctors, philosophers, imaginary philosophers, good manners, imaginary good manners, cuckolds, imaginary cuckolds, adultery, criticism, hiding and snooping about, asides, footmen and maids, feminists, misunderstandings, dances, music, masks, floggings, ladies and gentlemen, wenches and women, rakes and simpletons, apples and pears, misers and coffers, invalids and imaginary invalids, comedians, one-act pieces and farce, comedy and ballet, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, sonnets and poems, poetry and prose, letters and intrigue, assault and battery, eating and drinking, stuffing oneself and stinking, wigs and bald pates, whiskers and beards, trial and error, tables and chairs, sitting and reclining, enter and exit –

With, among others, Chrysalde, Philaminte, Ariste, Bélise, Armande, Henriette, Martine, L'épine, Clitandre, Vadius, Julien, Organte, Géronte, Octave, Léandre, Silvestre, Hyacinte, Nérine, Zerbinette, Lucile, Nicole, Cléonte, Covielle, Dorante, Dorimène, Argante, Béline, Angélique, Béralde, Louison, Cléante, Thomas, Dom Louis, Elvire, Carlos, Alonse, Violette, Frosine, Ragotin, Mathurine, Charlotte, Orgon, Elmire, Damis, Marianne, Valère, Dorine, Isabelle, Léonore, Lisette, Julie, Andrée, Jeannot, Criquet

By Adrien Albert de La Cour-Jardin, Damis Albert Porte-Plume, François Gérard du Carrefour, Miss Yolande Valentine Bougies-Faiteur, Miss Natalie Marie Brioche, Miss Sara Alphonsine la Corbusière, Miss Christine Madeleine En-Bédroite.

Tg Stan

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