Marcel va au cinéma

9/05 – 18:30 (fr) & 20:00 (nl)
10/05 – 14:00 (fr) & 15:30 (nl)
Duration : 60’

The emphasis is on Marcel Proust, both at the theatre and at the Salon.

But the author of Remembrance of Things Past can also be found on the big screen at the Musée du Cinéma. Thanks to Eric De Kuyper, Marcel is going to the cinema – short films that Proust might have seen and loved in his time will be shown. These are screenings ‘open to all’, where silent images accompanied on the piano will be introduced with a reading of short extracts of Remembrance of Things Past.


Eric De Kuyper


Cinémathèque royale/Koninklijk Filmarchief & Service de Culture Cinématographique, Literair rendez-vous littéraire

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