In the Solitude of Cotton Fields / Água Viva

    20/05  | 11:00
    21/05  | 11:00


Admission free

One might be transported into the unknown by a bargaining with a stranger, or discover it in the sudden eruption of a solitary excess. This year’s reading club consists of two connected yet independent appointments, each of which invites to gather and read a whole book together. On Saturday 20 May the dialogues of Bernard Marie Koltès’ In the Solitude of Cotton Fields set us in the middle of a tense transition between a dealer and a client, as if they were to exchange something illicit, and whose object of discussion might eventually be a shared experience of the unknown, before identity is assigned. On Sunday 21 May, the words of Água Viva of Clarice Lispector invite us into the muggy heat of her memoirs slash meditation, where to travel unexpectedly, and beyond the ordinary, into that same unknown. Feel free to attend one or both.

20/05 In the Solitude of Cotton Fields, Bernard Marie Koltès (1985)
21/05Água Viva, by Clarice Lispector (1973)
Moderated by Daniel Blanga-Gubbay & Lars Kwakkenbos