The Great Invisible / Adynata

10, 16, 23 May ­12:30
22 May ­22:00
29 May ­19:00

Leslie lives in Brooklyn and has been making films for more than fifteen years. She was behind the images of the journey between life and death in Ron Vawter's Philoctetes Variations. She was also behind Peggy and Fred in Hell, shown at the Nova, and in the Chris Marker exhibition at the Palais des Beaux-Arts. She likes travelling, watching snippets of the world on television and reading philosophy. Her sensitive soul constantly brings her back to the same question: what is reproduction about? Reduction through appropriation? Or expropriation of something else?

Now Leslie is making The Great Invisible. It is the story of Isabelle Eberhardt, a daring traveller at the beginning of the century who "put the desert between civilisation and her untamed soul". She is filming it as a series of episodes, plunging into the infinity of possibilities that were open to Isabelle way back then. The Festival will show the first two episodes, together with Adynata, a 1983 film.