3/05 > 19:00
4-25/05 > Thursday to Sunday > 13:00-19:00
8.15.22/05 > 19:00 Next Wednesday @ M.A.P.

“ENTER! Piracy is all we have left.” This fetishist, constructor of images, neo-futurist and film-maker from Ghent is coming to Brussels with his neo-futuristic events, optical installation and experimental cinema. “We love wonder, visual sensation, impulse, thirst. We’re throwing a line above the void, we’re pirating futile objects of the illusory capitalist union; we’re violating the non-culture of the electronic image… In May we’ll be raising the pirate flag above Brussels.”

Work by : Didier Volckaert & Reinhart Cosaert

Production : Elektrischer Schnellseher, KunstenFESTIVALdesArts

Presentation : M.A.P. Brussels, KunstenFESTIVALdesArts

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Cinema: the possibility of creating a photographic illusion of moving reality with the help of light 1

Essentially a genre with no figurative, narrative or economic necessity. It is a tactile image and not a contradiction in terms of Image><Language. It is a visual sensation that joins with the concept of Time. All this flies in the face of 115 years of what has mainly been produced in the history of Cinema, or better still in the history of the creation of Cinema, for according to the French theorist André Bazin, Cinema has not yet been invented.2 . George Lucas, the director of Star Wars, will be converting the film industry to digital production – to video: the illusion of image – between 2003 and 2005 3, Cinema will disappear or it may well be created. Cinema’s quest was or is the ultimate imitation of Camera Obscura, the natural contours of an image created when a light passes through a little hole into a dark room to project in it the reality of the outside world. Thanks to the evolution towards digital, our western culture is therefore getting a little closer to representing reality. But Cinema, in the words of Magritte, “n’est pas une pipe”.

Piracy has been around for 3,000 years and still occurs in all the world’s seas. Neo-Futurism is one of them.

The Neo-Futurists sail on the visual void of our blind society. With their manifestos they have drawn out a journey corresponding to the diaspora, leaving the centre with no direction to go in, the no and the nothingness.4 They explore extinct media, forgotten technologies, washed up on the beaches of capitalism’s positivist ideas. To really understand Photography, Cinema and other systems of optical communication between the artist and the audience, they go back to the days when these forms of communication were new, for this is where their strength lies: in the qualities that they have lost today. 5 But primarily, Neo-Futurism is the result of passion and beauty, when rum restored time and space to an individual experience, the moment when gold is buried so that desire can be resurrected. The stunt Broodthaers pulled off, but which lost the war, is also the island where we will take refuge. VIVA!

When the Jolly Roger – the black flag with its skull and crossbones – is raised, the opponent then knows that a fight to the death has begun. Surrender is no longer acceptable.

Didier Volckaert, January 2002

1 Wat is Cinema? Opkomst en ondergang van een premature Kunst. (What is Cinema ? Rise and fall of a premature Art), 1995, Didier Volckaert

2 The myth of total Cinema, in Critique , 1946, André Bazin: “Every new development added to Cinema must, paradoxically , take it nearer and nearer to its origins. In short: Cinema has not yet been invented!”

3 Robin Sabin in The New York Times, 26 november 2000

4 Eerste Neo-Futuristische manifest, 1994

5 Based on the Neo-Futuristische BeeldManifest, 1999

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