Dying on Stage

    05/05  | 20:30
    06/05  | 18:00
    07/05  | 20:30

€16 / €13 (-25/65+)
2h 30min
FR (5/05, 7/05) EN (6/05)

Meet the artist after the performance on 6/05

Started as a private appointment held every year by the artist at his birthday, Dying on Stage is a lecture made up of a collection of anecdotes, YouTube videos and dances. Over the years Christodoulos Panayiotou has composed an impressive archive –– about the possibility of fiction to neutralize the idea of finitude: from Dalida's accurate reproduction of poses in her most tragic songs, to Michael Jackson's desire to perform a last time or Pasolini's metaphorical idea of a society dying on stage. Dying on Stage is the intimate gesture with which Christodoulos Panayiotou discloses his archive, making each time a different selection of its contents; a journey that cancels the linearity of time, to become an act of love to the spectacle and its ability to overcome the reality of death. In combining the precision of a lecture, and the divagation of a night spent surfing on the web, Dying on Stage drags us in a territory that questions the hierarchical order of what constitutes our common culture.

Christodoulos Panayiotou  

Performed by
Christodoulos Panayiotou  

With the participation of
Jean Capeille  

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Kaaitheater

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