Variations / Circle

Japanese artist Tetsuya Umeda works in different disciplines and contexts, from music to performance, installation, and exhibition. He uses everyday objects and simple physical phenomena, often involving sound and light, to enter into dialogue with the surrounds – the architecture, the urban space, the movement of spectators… Composite does not have a centre point. Each participant has their own independent methods, and those are shared and exchanged during the performance. This piece is not created based on a specific timeline and there is no significant beginning or ending, so the audience will just be seeing the fragmental moment. Composite is a journey of visual and sensorial micro-happenings that brings together a group of people of different ages, all from Brussels. They are invited to move along defined trajectories while singing choral phrases in a loop. The rhythm is repeated again and again and again. Little by little, glides, translations, and juxtapositions take effect, both sonic and spatial. Emerging is a composition of sounds, movement, and bodies that becomes amplified and then fades. The project comes full circle with a final performance that presents all actions in one space. Umeda shapes an organic, fragile, moving sculpture live. Honing the senses, summoning empathetic attention for the other person, he makes tangible a microcosm of humanity in search of harmony.

  • 5, 6, 7, 10/05
    Composite: Variations (WIELS)
    FR / NL / DE / JP / Esperanto / …
    € 16 / € 13
    Partially outdoor
  • 14/05
    Composite: Circle (GC Ten Weyngaert)
    FR / NL / DE / JP / Esperanto / …
    € 10 / € 7

A project by
Tetsuya Umeda

Composite: Variations performed by
Local participants & Pijin Neji, Shoji Funakawa, Yumi Osanai, Miyu, Yukiko Shinozaki, in collaboration with McCloud Zicmuse

Composite: Circle performed by
Local participants & Pijin Neji, Shoji Funakawa, Yumi Osanai, Yukiko Shinozaki, Miyu

Yasutaka Watanabe

Aurélia De France

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, BRASS, GC Ten Weyngaert

Tetsuya Umeda

Yuko Uematsu

In cooperation with
Yuki Tanaka, Nov Amenomori

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