Confronted with the SARS-CoV-2 crisis, unfortunately we have to cancel the 25th edition of the festival in May 2020, including this project.

The mission of the festival has always been to support artistic creation. We keep this as our core mission today, and we aim to support the artists and collaborators of the festival in this situation and for their future. 

You can contribute to the festival's action by buying Ghost Tickets online. Thanks for your help and support. Take care!

Anne Imhof & Eliza Douglas

    08/05  | 22:00
    09/05  | 22:00

€18 / €15

No seats

Anne Imhof has emerged as one of the most provocative and pioneering voices of her generation. Her work is based on atmospheric environments, inhabited by groups of collaborators to give form to a sense of alienation and detachment that increasingly shapes our society. For the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, and her first presentation in Belgium, she conceived a new work in the form of a concert performance. It is a project written together with Eliza Douglas, and linked to previous performances, such as Angst, Sex and Faust, with which she was awarded with the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale. In this new project Anne Imhof and Eliza Douglas oscillate between the music and the choreography, between the acoustic documentation and the gestures. Pain and pleasure, hope and desperation, life and death, male and female: the concert performance deals with the fluidity between these forces, too often presented as irreconcilable, as Imhof and her collaborators continuously shift between them and merge what is presented as incompatible.

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts-Les Brigittines 

Direction: Anne Imhof & Eliza Douglas
Performers: Eliza Douglas, Anne Imhof, more to be defined 

Production: Studio Anne Imhof
Coproduction: Kunstenfestivalsdesarts

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