Paspartoe is the leisure time passport to Brussels. It gives you access to a fantastic range of cultural, youth and sporting activities at a reduced rate.

  • Paspartoe is a loyalty card: with Paspartoe you save points when you take part in an activity at a Paspartoe provider. Scan your Paspartoe for each activity at a Paspartoe-pole or Paspartoe-counter.
  • Paspartoe is an advantage card. Saved up number of points? Then redeem them for some nice treats.
  • Paspartoe is a discount card for people with a limited income. Receive your free Paspartoe and enjoy very favourable discounts! More info about that can be found on the UitinBrussel website.
  • On your Paspartoe, you can find the culture voucher, a discount voucher with a maximum value of 6 euro. You can use it when you go to a cultural event organised by a Paspartoe provider.
  • More info about the Paspartoe and the Culture Voucher can be found on the UitinBrussel website.