Since the opening of its 2006-2007 season, KVS has taken over the brand new infrastructure in the Lakensestraat and the Arduinkaai. A variety of new KVS productions, revivals of past successes, local and international guest performances, theatre, dance, music, film, literature, stand-up comedy, debates, parties, etc.: KVS's programme is as diverse, colourful and exciting as Brussels itself. The KVS_BOL is the renovated auditorium of the theatre in the Lakensestraat.


Lakensestraat 146 rue de Laeken
1000 Brussels

How to get there?

Public transport

Bus: 47-58-88 (IJzer/Yser)
Metro: 2-6 (IJzer/Yser)
Tram: 51 (IJzer/Yser)