The Villa Empain is a remarkable testament to the Art Deco movement. It was built at the beginning of the 1930s by architect Michel Polak under Baron Louis Empain’s initiative. Throughout its past as a private house, a museum, the USSR Embassy, and the headquarters of Luxembourgish television channel RTL. The Villa was partially destroyed and vandalized and abandoned in a deplorable state at the beginning of the 1980s. The Boghossian Foundation acquired the Villa Empain in 2006 and began working on its restoration. Today the Villa is a Centre for art and dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West; a space for encounters and special discoveries.


Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 67 Franklin Rooseveltlaan
1050 Brussels

How to get there?

Public transport

Bus: 71 (ULB)
Tram: 25-94 (Solbosch/Solbos)