Every day

(new location)
Rue de Manchester 13—15 
1080 Molenbeek

Bar & resto 

Bar open every day from 12:00
Restaurant open every day from 18:00


Every Friday and Saturday
Opening party Friday 10.05 - 23:00
Closing party Saturday 01.06 - 23:00
Artists and DJs TBA

Box office

12.04—09.05 (before the festival): Tuesday to Saturday, 12:00—19:00
10.05—01.06 (during the festival):  Every day, 12:00—20:00

How to get there?  
Metro 1-5 (Gare de l’Ouest) Metro 2-6 (Delacroix) Bus 86-127-128 (Duchesse Brabant)

Defining a centre always contributes to the perception of a city’s geography. It also runs the risk of reinforcing the opposition between a cultural and economic centre and its margins. For this year’s edition, Kunstenfestivaldesarts is consciously locating its beating heart in the canal zone of Brussels, more precisely in Rue de Manchester in Molenbeek. More than just a temporary space, the centre seeks to empower existing initiatives based there. A fully operational Recyclart is the core of the festival centre, reopening together with the festival after its eviction from the Kapellekerk station and a difficult year. During the festival, Recyclart will be a place to meet and share food, with parties every Friday and Saturday. La Raffinerie / Charleroi danse, Cinemaximiliaan and Decoratelier are partners of this centre in Rue de Manchester, hosting projects and becoming central elements of the Free School for ten days and during the festival’s opening and closing nights. The general idea of the festival centre is not to create a new initiative, but to empower an emerging and already existing cultural hub which has been under pressure as, over the past years, the future of the canal zone has been drastically reshaped by local, regional and federal policies.